Club Roster

Aaron Bader
Player has no pictureNo biographical information provided.
Mary Becker
Mary BeckerNo biographical information provided.
Bryan Benwitz
Player has no pictureNo biographical information provided.
Barb Besadny
Barb BesadnyNo biographical information provided.
Andy Bohnsack
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Michael David
Michael DavidMichael is a math teacher in Portage, WI. His other hobbies include solving and constructing crossword puzzles, playing piano, and walking his dog Oliver aka Professor Fluff.
Shayla Dunn
Player has no pictureNo biographical information provided.
Lynda Finn
Lynda FinnLynda works as a management consultant with an emphasis in statistics. She got hooked on competitive Scrabble after reading Stephan Fatsis's book "Word Freak." She may be the worst speller to ever play the game. She enjoys golf, swimming, her pet birds, comedy improv and the tiles E, R, S and blank.
Helen Flores
Helen FloresHelen joined the Madison Scrabble club after she retired. She also volunteers at the Madison Habitat Restore and makes quilts for family, friends and charities. She enjoys grandchildren, 2 cats, mysteries, Dr. Who, and anything with Russell Crowe.
Molly Gardner
Molly GardnerMolly is a vegetarian, but she has two non-vegetarian cats, Clancy and Jones.
Dave Gilligan
Player has no pictureNo biographical information provided.
Sue Goldstein
Sue GoldsteinSue has been a full-time Realtor at First Weber for the last 32 years. She has been a member of the Madison Scrabble Club for more than 20 years. Sue is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 4. She likes baking, patchwork quilting and of course playing Scrabble. Sue is a member of Madison Breakfast Rotary, does volunteer work for Jewish Social Services and for SAIL (a group for active seniors). A native New Yorker, Sue has lived in the Madison area most of the time since 1963. She is a former elementary school teacher in New York City, Madison and Maryland.
Betty Hasselkus
Betty HasselkusBetty is a retired professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Occupational Therapy. Her father was an early crossword puzzle constructor for the New York Times and the whole family played "living room" Scrabble for years. Besides Scrabble, Betty's other interests in retirement are piano, history, granddaughters, antique sewing items, and writing.
Mark Kenas
Mark KenasNo biographical information provided.
David Kinzer
David KinzerNo biographical information provided.
Richard Lauder
Richard LauderRichard is a retired High School Fine Arts Instructor, and currently pursues several avocations. He travels the United States doing Postcard shows, produces DVD's connected to Postcard History and occasional can be found holding a paint brush as he wrestles with watercolors.
Charles Reinke
Charles ReinkeThe designer/co-programmer of the very site you are currently visiting! Aside from Scrabble and programming, Charles enjoys NBA basketball and listening to all manner of heavy metal music.
Thomas Reinke
Thomas ReinkeNo biographical information provided.
Gail Salm
Player has no pictureNo biographical information provided.
June Scott
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Leslie Seltzer
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Renato Umali
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Chris Vergeront
Chris VergerontChris is an Elementary Physical Education teacher in Stoughton. He enjoys staying active by cross-country skiing, playing Ultimate Frisbee, basketball and running. He enjoys fishing and sailing at his family cabin in northern Wisconsin, and has taken fly fishing trips to Wyoming and Colorado. He also enjoys watching the NFL and NBA, and managing a fantasy basketball team.
Susan Vergeront
Susan VergerontSusan is a long-retired Dane County D.A.'s Office prosecutor and proud mother of triplets. Her interests include hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, reading and collecting Swanky Swigs. She treasures time spent with her family at their cabin "up north" and Scrabble victories over her competitive son, Christopher.

Wednesday, December 19:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

Wednesday, December 26:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Saturday, December 15:
December One Day Fun Day

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