Club Results 1/31

If Each Win Was Worth A Quarter, Lynda Would Have a Whole Dollar

1st Lynda Finn lived up to her "Finnisher" nickname (she might claim that that is not her nickname but guess what it is now), going 4-1 -9, good for first place. In the first round she dispatched Betty, 377-354, with a bingo of PORKIER. Betty got down SWEARER, making UPPINGS (n. UPPING, the process of marking young swans for identification purposes, but we all knew that) for 101, drawing a challenge. Lynda's negative spread was entirely a result of her next game, a 312-551 loss to Bryan. To add insult to injury, her sole bingo was a phony HOTPADS*, while Bryan played OUTLIER, DREAMING, and TOUGHED. In the third round she faced two opponents at once (who will be the first brave soul to face three at once????), beating Helen in a close one, 396-388, and David, 416-283. Her final game was also her best, a 504-438 win against reigning club champ Charles. Charles played TORSADES and FEASANCE (like MALFEASANCE except neutral), while Lynda got ALAMODES (n. a silk fabric), TONTINE, and HERIOTS. That last one secured the win by scoring 108 big points on a non-bingo-friendly board, with the word having to end with O?S. Charles pretended to not be too upset, but insider sources say he cried profusely once everyone else had left the church.

2nd Aaron Bader went 3-1 +398, missing out on a chance for first place by leaving a game early. He got his losing out of the quickly against Charles in the first round, 383-465. He did get down the word-of-the-week EPERGNES, but it wasn't enough against Charles' SAHUARO, PLENTIES, and OBELIAS. In the next round, he played two, Betty and Dave. Against Betty, he won 409-310, countering Betty's COUNTED with his own ORANGES. And Against Dave, he won 484, getting down LANIARY (n. a canine tooth), and PRERIOT (angram PIERROT). Things got off to a good start in his final game, versus Bryan, when he opened with NEUSTON (n. an aggregate of small aquatic organisms). He then got the double-double CASTLED, and finished with SEDILIA, while Bryan could hardly get anything going. The final ended up being 485-295, and with that, he decided he'd had enough Scrabble for the night. Heh. As if anyone could ever have enough Scrabble!

3rd Charles Reinke came in third with a 3-1 +370 record and a pretty decent average of 477 per game. He beat Aaron in the first round, but we already know all about that, so we'll go straight to his second-round game versus David, which he won 429-255. He got down DEPUTING and RASHEST in that one, to go along with most of the good tiles. His bingoing took a sharp swing upward against Thomas in the next game, when he played five rack-clearers in a 576-396 victory. For the bingo-curious: REBATERS (never play BERATERS*), DADAISMS, VALENCES, ANTIGENE, and TOADYING. The 7 combined bingos in that game is tied for most this season in any game. Charles' chances at an undefeated night were stymied (or stimied) by Lynda in the last round, 438-504. And that's okay. He's gone undefeated enough times, don't you think?

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Club Results 1/24

26 More Unique Games of Scrabble Added to the Universe's Total

1st Aaron Bader, as he is prone to do, out-Scrabbled all the other assembled Scrabblers, going undefeated with a 4-0 +297 record. His night was not without fault, however: he won his first game against Gail 454-381 aided in part with the phony of FELICIA*. While it may be good in certain other English-language Scrabble dictionaries that he may or may not have also studied from, it is sadly unacceptable here in the States. He ran into no such problems in his next game against Thomas, where he won easily 508-334 after successfully challenging off Thomas' phony SOOTLIKE* and sending him (Thomas, not Aaron) into a tailspin of failed fishing attempts. Aaron played TANGELO (n. a hybrid of a tangerine and a pomelo) and BRAINIER (how appropriate) in that one. He only got down one bingo against Charles, SUFFERS, but used a large early lead as insurance to win, 402-355. His final test was a game against the 3-1 Helen; he passed, but barely, needing to execute a Q-stick to win by 3, 412-409. I thought QI solved this problem?

2nd Thomas Reinke went 4-1 +617, a huge spread that was, dare I say it, wasted on second place. He picked up all that spread in the first round, where in a 2-on-1 against Mary and Dennis he played 9 bingos and scored 607 and 598 points. A full list of the bingos would take up approximately three extra paragraphs; see appendix A.1: Bingos for the details. His fortunes took a dramatic turn in the second game as he lost by 174 to Aaron, though he did play the appropriate TATTERS (anagrams STRETTA and TARTEST). In the third round, he faced Bryan (who had a two-game winning streak against him), and won 479-372. He played RETASTE, REINSMAN, and the nine-letter INTEGRATE while holding Bryan unusually bingo-less. Finally, he went up against his twin, and wouldn't you know it, the game was extremely close, with Thomas beating Charles 446-444. Thomas' late SPINOSE was the key to victory in that one.

3rd Charles Reinke went 3-2 +275, coming in third because somehow no one finished 3-1. I'm too lazy to check, but I'm just going to guess that that's never happened before. Anyway, he started off with a win against Bryan 423-386, his LETTERED (another appropriate bingo!!!!!!) and MALAISE overcoming Bryan's lone PRIMROSE. In the second round he faced two opponents: he beat Dave 410-269 and Gail 471-325. Unlike Thomas, who played nine bingos in his two-on-one (just in case you forgot I wanted to remind everybody), Charles only played three total: BORNEOL against Dave, and MELOIDS and SEARING (there are eight words in those letters and he chose the lamest one) against Gail. Against Aaron, he played POINTES (as in, the play scored 65 pointes) and TALCIER, but lost 355-402. Against Thomas, he got down the double-double TITRANTS as well as OUTRANKS, but couldn't somehow scrounge together two extra points over the whole game to at least get a tie. Only two points! That's like, putting a one-point tile next to another one-point tile and that's it. Easy.

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Club Results 1/17

Aaron Bader Climbs to Top of Misty Mountain, Lets Out Ear-Splitting Victory Screech

1st Aaron Bader topped the group of players who had one loss by going 4-1 +348. Interestingly, each player in the top three was given their only loss by another player in the top three. "I shall allow my opponent to out-bingo me," he flatly intoned after the first round, where he defeated Gail Salm 418-379 despite playing just one bingo (MARVELS) to Gail's two (DIASTER, INFECTOR). That trend partially continued into the second round, which saw Aaron facing off against both Dave Kinzer and Dennis Lloyd. The victory against Dave was a spotless 464-285 affair wherein Aaron played INHALES, PEDANTRY, and KEROSINE (Dave got SHAGGED), but he was out-bingoed by Dennis, who got PLANERS and DEPUTIES to Aaron's LINIEST. However, Aaron was still able to take the win, 399-368. Aaron then laid down a massive amount of hurt on Charles Reinke (against whom he has now won five of six); the final score of 481-322 accurately reflects the magnitude of the supplied beatdown. Charles had one bingo of CRABLIKE, but Aaron scoffed at this pathetic display while getting down OUTSNORE, DETRAINS, OOMPAHS (anagram: SHAMPOO), and DIETETIC. Aaron would have been able to escape with an unblemished 4-0 record if he had been allowed to leave after the third round, but the extra game against Thomas Reinke proved to be his downfall (a downfall which will be enumerated in a later paragraph).

2nd Charles Reinke fell fifty spread points short of first place; his record of 4-1 +297 seemed fine at the time, but now his thoughts are haunted by the idea that if he had just managed to fit a phony bingo in there somewhere, he could taste the glory of the first-place spot for himself. Charles had the privilege of playing two games in his first round (if everybody did that, we would have to charge $4 instead of $2) and won them both, 475-317 against Dave Gilligan and 411-368 against Lynda Finn. Bolstered by a strong start where he had two wins to everybody else's one win (or zero wins), he went into a matchup against brother Thomas Reinke with confidence and easily triumphed, 474-350. Thomas had two low-scoring bingos (RETIRANT for 60, OMITTERS for 61), but Charles had three: OCARINA, OUTGUIDE, and UNRIFLED (note that UNRIFLE is not good!). A demoralizing loss to Aaron followed, but Charles returned to his winning ways by taking down Helen Flores in the final round, 478-347.

3rd Thomas Reinke was not allowed the benefit of playing a fifth game, thus, his record was a mere 3-1 +265. His first game was a quite lopsided 468-284 victory over Mary Becker, despite there being perfect bingo parity (Thomas had FORESTER, Mary had TACTILE). Part of the score differential was a result of Thomas' high-scoring non-bingo phony of GEEJAYS (JAYGEE is good; JAYVEE and VEEJAY is the pair he was thinking of). Luckily, we don't make players write down every phony word they play. But maybe we should. Anyway, Thomas' second win came against the visiting Jim Frankki by a score of 490-345. Jim would end up winning two of his four games, and he even bingoed twice in this game (REMOVAL and BRAGGER), so Thomas shouldn't feel bad about his mistreatment of the visitor (mistreatment which involved a trio of bingos: SKIRTING, ATRESIA, and GROUTED). A third-place finish was secured by a clutch 422-362 win over Aaron Bader, who was caught off-guard by Thomas' DANGEST (later extended to DANGESTS), but, to be fair to Aaron, his bingo of BARIUMS was at least somewhat cooler than Thomas' DANGEST and REALEST.

Jim's BENZENE was chosen as word of the week. It's probably a chemical compound or something. Just a guess.

(P.S. The screech thing was a joke, not least because Misty Mountain is not even a real mountain)

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