Club Results 5/1

1st Charles Reinke achieved the semi-rare "come in first place without going undefeated" feat by going 4-1 +506. To get a jumpstart on his winning ways, he played two games in the first round and won both of them, 408-265 versus Helen Flores and 502-256 versus Mary Becker. In the latter game, Charles had bingos of AERATION, UNWARILY, and FRESHEN. Charles then took on his clone Thomas Reinke and came out on top, 433-406. Living up to their twinness, both players had two bingos: SIESTAS and REFUNDER for Charles, VORLAGE and AERADIO for Thomas (if you remember any word from this writeup, make in AERADIO, since it is high-probability but hard to find). In round three, Charles was felled by Bryan Benwitz for his only loss of the evening, 396-430. Bryan's timely double-double of EQUISETA for 118 points was supplemented by a 70-point find of CRIOLLOS; Charles got EPITASES (plural OF EPITASIS) and DELEGATE. That setback didn't have too much effect on Charles' momentum, however, as he smacked around Richard Lauder in the final game, winning 458-334. Richard got one bingo, WITCHES, but Charles had RAWBONED and OZONISER, the latter of which being worth a whopping 104 points.

2nd Thomas Reinke averaged a club-best 442 per game (still under his yearly average) and went 3-1 +367 for a second-place finish. He used up most of his reserves of scoring power in the first game, when he played three bingos (TROTTED, HOPLITE, SCIATICA) and clobbered James Frankki by a score of 495-274. So excessive was that scoring outburst that Thomas dropped his next game, against Charles Reinke, 406-433. Thomas got back on track against Dave Gilligan, winning 411-360 in a game where both combatants had two bingos (Thomas' MOIETIES and SEABOOT vs. Dave's ACCENTS and ANSWERS). Game four saw Thomas take a decisive win over the theretofore-undefeated Bryan Benwitz, 457-335. Bryan played SELFING as well as a late STRINGED to get his score into respectable territory, while Thomas had REFLATED, CORANTO, and CROCUSES (likely a more common plural of CROCUS than CROCI is).

3rd Bryan Benwitz went 3-1 +148, but suffered the most devastating heartbreak of all by winning his first three games before his dreams of an undefeated session were demolished in the final game. He started out with a comfortable 441-324 win against Betty Hasselkus, getting BLURTING and PARTIED. A similarly comfortable 439-320 win over Richard Lauder followed, with Bryan playing SPANDREL (also SPANDRIL, "a space between two arches") in his winning effort (Richard had OLIVINE). The undefeated run continued for Bryan when he went up against Charles Reinke and won 430-396 (playing the aforementioned EQUISETA for 118 points, enough points that it gets mentioned twice). Bryan was rewarded for his strong play by getting to play current club leader Thomas Reinke in the final round, but no good deed went unpunished as he was defeated 335-457.

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Club Results 4/24

1st Thomas Reinke finished with a 3-1 +309 record, celebrating his birthday with a first place finish. Perhaps this will be the year his advanced age starts to take its toll on his Scrabble-playing ability? We can only hope. Anyway, he still seemed fit as a fiddle in the first round, beating Bryan 516-320. That game was marred by his misspelled bingo of OBVOLTUE*. OBVOLUTE was what he was going for, but the letter transposition went unnoticed by either player until a few seconds after it was too late to challenge. In the second round, he had a similarly high-scoring win, beating the returning Richard 524-308 and handing him his only loss of the night. Thomas played MIRRORED out of a rack with three Rs and two blanks, as well as OSSATURE and ORGANDIE (n. a cotton fabric, also ORGANDY). He then faced Charles at hit a significant bump in his road to a perfect night, as he lost big, 323-495. He wisely chose ANTSIER out of the 9 available words in that set of letters, but it was no match for Charles' constant scoring onslaught. In the last game, he faced Charles again, because everyone decided that three games was enough, and won 448-379. His bingos that game were ANTERIOR, GABBIEST, and UNREELS.

2nd Charles Reinke (also celebrating a birthday, what are the odds?) also finished with a 3-1 record, but fell short on spread for first with a +217. He faced James in the first round, winning a close one 419-377, his last play prompting James to remark "that's too many points", a sentiment silently echoed by all in attendance. James did get down the word-of-the-week, NARWHALE, which is an alternate spelling of NARWHAL (n. what appears to be a sea unicorn) in that game. In the next game, he faced Helen, and won only through his timely play of GOVERNED on a tight board. The final was 401-329, Helen's only loss of the night. Charles pushed his record to 3-0 with a 495-323 win against Thomas, bingoing early with TREMOLO and bingoing later with ANTIMINE. He also played the next game against Thomas; since they seem to like playing each other so much, a proposal is currently being drafted to have them form their own "Reinke Scrabble Players Organization", where they are the only two members and are barred from attending clubs of other Scrabble organizations.

3rd Helen Flores came in third with a 3-1 +139 record, beating out Aaron for the coveted final paragraph. Her first game was an entirely bingoless (so what am I supposed to talk about, the scorecard should really have a box for "other high-scoring plays" or something) contest versus Dave K., a game she won 380-319. She lost against the always-tough Charles 329-401, getting down TANGENT, but didn't let that faze her as she won her next game, a 353-281 win over Sue. Helen played RADIATE that game, but no word on whether it was extended to ERADIATE, RERADIATE, IRRADIATE, or TRIRADIATE. She saved her best for last, beating Dave G. in the final round 431-353. Her big play in that game was ENQUIRED for 86 points. If you somehow took that play away but everything else stayed the same (somehow), she would've lost. Somehow.

In other, vaguely-exciting news, Dave K. played one of the new five-letter words, TWERK. That's the first of the longer new words that has been noticed to have been played; if you played something like AQUAFABA but didn't let anyone know, you missed out on possibly getting a mention in the writeup.

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Club Results 4/17

1st Charles Reinke went 3-1 +386, a result befitting the club champion. He won big in his opening-round game against Dave, scoring 511 and bingoing with TOILETS, MASTOID, STATIVE. But in a garbled and tearful retelling, it was revealed that the most notable part of the game was Dave hooking an L onto the front of RHINO for LRHINO*, an error which went unnoticed for up to 30 seconds. The "1" part of his "3-1" record came in the second game, as he lost a close contest to Thomas, 403-413. His bingo of ANANKES (n. ANANKE, a concept of necessity in ancient Greek religion, from the Greek goddess bearing the name) was no match for Thomas' triumphant trifecta of DESCEND, PITIABLE, and EMERITUS. He did manage to keep the game close by using the strategy of "scoring while not bingoing", while Thomas, when he wasn't slapping down all his letters, was playing two-letters words for two points and picking his nose. Against Bryan, Charles won by a nice even 100, with the final being 471-371. Charles played DENARII (n. DENARIUS, a coin of ancient Rome, not to be confused with DENARI, which is the plural of DENAR, a monetary unit of Macedonia), GLEETIER, and CISTERN in that game. His final game saw him drawing the rack EEKINR and a blank, which of course spells out REINKE. Unlike the last time he had that exact rack, about a month ago, he played REKEYING, adding on to his already-played bingos of ROOMIEST and ENDOGEN. Meanwhile, Lynda played the word-of-the-week CUSHIONY, but lost 431-457.

2nd Michael David came in second place at 3-1 +211. His first game was a low-scoring battle against Helen, with the only bingo played being Michael's SENATES. The rules of Scrabble clearly state that in order to win the game, you have to score more points than your opponent, and Michael did that in this game, winning 363-325. Like Charles, the second round was his downfall, with him facing Bryan and losing 275-472. He did play TRIODES for 87, a significant portion of his final total, and Bryan played DEPUTING and ARISTAS. Hopefully someone hooked that last one with a B to make BARISTAS. Things improved a lot for Michael in the third round, as he scored a perfect 500 against Dave. Dave got down KEENERS (n. one that keens, a normal citizen might not think that KEENER takes the S), while Michael had bingos of CANOPIES, BARTENDS, and the stomach-growl-inducing-for-one-hungry-writer CALZONE. In the final round, he scored a decisive win over Thomas, 467-324. All of his bingos caused Thomas mental anguish, drawing a hold on ABETTERS, drawing a real challenge on his phony attempt before his find of EDUCATE, and another challenge (this one in his favor) on YEANING. Meanwhile, he was cool as a cucumber when Thomas played RENDING, the only question being whether it took an S or not (it does not).

3rd Thomas Reinke had a 3-2 +240 record, edging out Lynda for third place and thus the coveted "third paragraph" award. His night got off to a blazing start as he won by a combined 441 points in a two-on-one, scoring 547 against Mary and 537 against James. A full list of the bingos played in those games is too long to type out here. His night slowed down drastically after that, with his next game being a mere 10-point win over his brother. In the third game, he went up against Lynda, who won 487-419. Thomas did play three bingos (a lot for a losing effort, I must say), HELICOID, CLINGIER, and a late ONLOADED to close the gap from "huge" to "if I could somehow draw another bingo out of this empty bag maybe I could win". Lynda, afer an exchange by both players, opened with SKITTER, and added GROSSED to seal the game. Thomas' downward slide continued with his 324-467 loss to Michael, but luckily for him, there were no more rounds left to play. Otherwise, he'd be looking at a 45-832 defeat at the hands of a mysteriously late-arriving Nigel Richards.

Lynda Finn, in addition to playing the word-of-the-week CUSHIONY, also played the third-highest scoring bingo in club history (since records have been kept), SIZINESS for 212 in her win against Bryan. A picture of the play will be posted to the Facebook group so that the club can accumulate more "likes", and for no other reason.

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