Club Results 12/11

1st Bryan Benwitz went a perfect "four-and-oh" (said breathlessly and with reverence) and amassed a dominant +520 spread, winning each game by a margin of more than a hundred. It was also his first undefeated club performance since March. His crowning achievement was pulling off the rare "Anti-Reinke" in the first two rounds, defeating the Reinke twins one after the other in ruthless fashion. In the first round, he took down Thomas 438-319 thanks to a pair of bingos, PEAVIES and BELCHES (Thomas was held bingoless, which is rumored to be a good strategy against him). Bryan went on to defeat Charles with similar ease, 494-355. In that one, he played four bingos (another good strategy for beating a Reinke): URINATE, EARTHING, SEQUINS, and word-of-the-week CLABBERS (the anagram of our beloved word game). The run of strong play wasn't done there as Bryan trounced Betty Hasselkus, 420-290, in round three, playing SPROUTED as the sole bingo for either player. Bryan wrapped up his undefeated run with a round four victory against Helen Flores, 444-312. Helen had a bingo of CASINOS, but Bryan outdid her with DETERGE and EXILIAN.

2nd Charles Reinke went 3-1 with a comparatively wimpy +92 point spread. He started off strong with a 517-332 victory over Dave Kinzer, fueled by a four-bingo onslaught of EXCITORS, RUNNERS, MANATOID, and GUILTIER. Much of the large point spread gained in round one was erased in round two, however, as Charles ran up against the unstoppable Bryan Benwitz and found himself on the losing end of a 355-494 contest. In the third round, Charles played a close game against Dennis Lloyd, barely squeaking out with a 413-405 win. Both players had two bingos: INVADES and NUTRIAS for Dennis, FLAWIEST and GLANDULE for Charles. A high-scoring 474-436 win against fraternal foe Thomas in the final round propelled Charles into prestigious "writeup territory"; Charles' bingos of VERATRIA and INHERED were certainly crucial as his brother got down OVULATES and SOILAGE.

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Club Results 12/4

1st Charles Reinke showed off his consistency (except in the "winning" department), bingoing twice in every game while going 3-1 +341 and coming in first place. His first game was a 433-315 win against Helen, where he bingoed with BEAKIEST and SOFTENED. He upped his scoring a little bit against Richard in the next round, 446-361. Richard bingoed with VOIDABLE (Charles later extended it to AVOIDABLE) and PETROLIC, while Charles played STYRENE (the anagram of YESTERN) and a nine-letter SLANGIEST through the GI that was on the board. In the third round, he faced off against a familiar (literally!) opponent, and lost 373-433. Charles did get down two nice bingos, MANEUVER and the very recently-added SCHNEID (n. a losing streak). Charles avoided going on a schneid of his own by beating Dennis 490-292 in the final game. His big play that game was BUTYLENE for 101.

2nd Thomas Reinke put together another outstanding performance in terms of bingos, playing 12 on the night, and came in second at 455-398 +226. He started off his night against Bryan, and won 459-372. Bryan bingoed with AETATIS (the obscure anagram of SATIATE) and GRIEVING, but couldn't get another bingo down with his blank at the end of the game. In the second round, Thomas lost to Dennis 363-490. Despite the drubbing, he managed two bingoes, WATERMEN (the M was a blank, so he could've played WATERHEN instead) and MONITIVE (adj. conveying admonition). In the next round, against Charles, he won 433-373, with a bingo trifecta of EPILATES, TRAMELED, and RECANES. Thomas saved his best for last, beating Helen 563-357 with bingoes of DANKEST, ALBIZIAS, IODINATE, and the triple-triple ALIENORS. To add insult to injury, Thomas blocked Helen's late triple-triple possibility of FROTHIER that would've won her the game; some say her anguished sighs can still be heard echoing in the First Congregational basement.

3rd Dennis Lloyd returned from places afar and displayed little rust, coming in third at 3-2 -7. His opening win against Sue, 394-328, was notable in that all three bingos that were played in the game were phony, two for him and one for sue. Sometimes you just have to make your own best play when the words in the dictionary do not suffice. He atoned quickly in his 490-363 win against Thomas, opening with the very non-phony PROLATE (adj. extended lengthwise). He also played LIGHTEST and DATINGS to win easily. In the third round, he faced Betty and Helen simultaneously. His game with Helen ended as a 331-419 loss. Against Betty he was more successful, countering Betty's bingoes of TENNIES and THORNIER with ETESIAN and WALLOPS and winning 465-379. He then lost all of the spread he had accumulated to this point, losing to Charles 292-490. Luckily, by application of the transitive property, since he beat Thomas, you could also say he beat Charles as well.

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Club Results 11/27

1st Thomas Reinke came in first place at 3-0 +468, slicing through the assembled Scrabblers like so many pieces of pumpkin pie. He started off by winning 527-291 against Helen, with the bingos coming in bunches: ARTSIER, IONOMER, SATIRISE, PREUNITE, and SALUTER. He had just gotten done giving thanks for the bingo cornucopia when he sat down to face Charles. He barely slowed down from his previous match, winning this one 516-306. Charles was held uncharacteristically bingoless, while Thomas had bingos of TANRECS (n. alternate spelling of TENREC, a mammal that looks kind of like a hedgehog), METALIZE, GRADATE, and TEASELED. In the third round, tragedy struck as Thomas was bingoed on for the first time of the night, with Bryan playing ANISEED. Thomas bingoed as well in that game, with FAINTING, and won a close one, 360-339.

2nd Aaron Bader went 3-0 +224 in his Collins series against Mark, coming in second place. In the first game, he won 521-338, kindly playing nothing but regular American-dictionary bingoes so that us plebeians don't have to get confused: ANTIARS, POETESS, and FORKIER (adj. FORKY, resembling a fork, as opposed to SPOONY, which means "overly sentimental"). The second round was a lot closer, with Aaron pulling it out 475-449. Mark bingoed with NOOKIER* and SOWBREAD (n. a type of CYCLAMEN, a flowering plant), and Aaron played PHORETIC, GERMINAL, and the fancy nine-letter VERSELETS. In their final match, neither Mark nor Aaron played a bingo, a very rare occurence for the Collins dictionary. Aaron "won" 355-340, but without a bingo, can we really say that he won at all?

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