Club Results 11/14

1st Charles Reinke went 4-1 with a sizable +685 spread, easily wresting first place from the plebeians below him who only played four games. His experience in the first round was emblematic of the vagaries of Scrabble, and, indeed of life itself: playing in a two-on-one, he was defeated by Betty Hasselkus 409-335, but defeated Dave Gilligan 545-277. Against Betty, he played ERUMPENT to counter her STOLLEN (which will be a seasonal word once Thanksgiving passes). Against Dave, he had PEREONS, LEVIRATE, and word-of-the-week CARYATIC, while Dave had ENSNARES. Charles followed up a lukewarm first round with a game that was anything but lukewarm, as he scored an incredible 604 against Helen Flores, and played some fun bingos in the process: TERRINES, GALLICAN, and a triple-triple TRIVIUMS for 140. A "trivium" is apparently an introductory course at a medieval university, and not an instance of trivia as the folk definition would have you believe. Charles continued his path to first place with a 429-353 win over Richard Lauder (despite the latter's out-bingo of NOSTRIL), and the path came to an end with a close 422-409 victory against Bryan Benwitz. In the last one, Charles had DEFICIT and VENUSES to Bryan's TRIAGED and RECTORS (which was sadly never extended to ERECTORS).

2nd Thomas Reinke barely snuck into second place, beating out the third-place finisher by eight spread points with his 3-1 +231 record. Unlike his first-place started slow but finished strong, Thomas won his first three games before falling in the last round. His first game was against Gail Salm, and he won big, 444-318, despite the bingo tally being knotted at one apiece (CUSHIER for Thomas, RUNTIEST for Gail). The racks were a bit more fruitful against Bryan Benwitz, as he got down three bingos (CONTAGIA, STATIVES, and LONICERA) in a 422-321 win. A 460-309 win against Betty Hasselkus must have been achieved solely through revengeful intent, because it wasn't achieved through a multitude of bingos (Thomas only had DEONTIC), but in any case, it set him up for a perfect night going into the fourth round. However, Mark Kenas made easy work of Thomas, 325-472, crushing those dreams like a flower underneath the boots of a passing army regiment.

3rd Mark Kenas enjoyed a third-place finish with his 3-1 +223 final record, but would have enjoyed second place a lot more had he won his final game by just four more points. As is usual for him, he played a series of Collins games against Aaron Bader, winning the first two before losing one. Their first game was a barn-burner, ending 471-461 in Mark's favor. Bingos of MANTELET, USAUNCE, and ILLATION contributed much to the winning effort (Aaron had LARKIER and CASEATED). The second game was much more lopsided (459-333, Mark's win, thanks to BIDARKA, HERIOTS, and IRONIZED), but balance was restored as Aaron took game three, 466-406. Mark was then given the opportunity to take on Collins switch-hitter Thomas Reinke, and he was especially eager to win given that Thomas had taken the win in their first three Collins encounters. That eagerness translated into easy victory as Mark held Thomas bingoless, played ANTISEX, TAENIAE, and RETILES as his own bingos, and won 472-325.

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Club Results 11/7

1st Thomas Reinke came out on top of a lightly attended club session at everyone's favorite downtown grocery store. He beat Bryan in the first round, playing REDLINED and BESPEAK. Normally the P and the B don't go together, but he made it work, which must be why he's first place in the standings this year. He then faced Charles, and won 520-438. He played three bingos in a row early, PEREION, BRAVEST, and word-of-the-week HUSTINGS (n. a British court, and it needs the S on the end). Charles managed to recover and make the game close with NELUMBOS, GOTHITE (n. an ore of iron, also GOETHITE), and KENDOIST, but Thomas won the game by going out with REOILED. And that was that! Club officials have noticed a downtrend in the amount of players coming to Festival Foods. Please tell us your concerns about it (like how loud it gets), and perhaps we can think about finding a new location.

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Club Results 10/31

1st Thomas Reinke celebrated Halloween by dressing as the best Scrabble player in the whole world (himself) and winning all his games. He, not without controversy, beat David in the first 489-297, with bingos of ERGOTIC, GLIADINS, and the phony UNGLADLY*. Maybe if he had realized that UNGLAD* isn't even a real adjective he wouldn't have played the even unrealer adverb form of it. He then beat Bryan 455-419 with the help of the nine-letter MEATINESS (n. the state of being really super-duper meaty to the max, anagram AMNESTIES). He also played PARTIERS. PARTIER has the normal definition, but also a secondary abnormal definition, "more PARTY, divided into different-colored parts". Which means that PARTIEST is also good. Against Dave in the third round, both players faced a crisis as a vast majority of the E's were played early in the game. Dave's EUSTELE and Thomas' SEEDBED had a lot to do with the shortage of the most important vowel. In the final game, he faced (who else) Charles, and won 420-340 with bingos of BAREGES and DROWSES. Their combined three bingos seems like a low total for them; perhaps they were regretting not partaking in the tradition of pilfering free candy from unsuspecting households simply by uttering the incantation "trick or treat".

2nd Bryan Benwitz, like Thomas, came dressed as the best Scrabble player in the whole world (Nigel Richards) and went 3-1 +158, good for second place. He prevailed in a relatively low-scoring game with Charles, 383-358. The bingo advantage was 3-0 in his favor, with him playing ANEARED, ENNEADS, and SOLDERS and Charles playing nothing but dinky little plays. His game with the other twin ended 419-455, a result that would've been different had the blank on his final rack not been accompanied by three I's. Relatedly, remember to vote in the upcoming club referendum to remove two I's from the game and replace them with one E and one S. In the third round, he was victorious against Richard 417-283. Richard played ZOSTERS early, but then watched the tiles dry up with squinted eyes as Bryan played SQUINTER. Similar to PARTY, SQUINT is also an adjective in addition to its normal usage, which means SQUINTEST is a word. For the final game, he won a close one against Gail 380-345. Gail played COSTERS (n. a hawker of fruits or vegetables, but not both apparently) while Bryan played THINNEST. Something we are definitely not going to be after gorging on leftover Halloween candy.

3rd Dave Gilligan notched a 3-1 +44 record, his second straight 3-1 performance. He started off with a 307-269 win over Sue where he was slowed down by some sort of phony combination of SIGNORE and SEIGNIOR. There are a lot of ways to spell that set of words, but he eventually got down the normal-but-similar SENIORS. He then beat Gail 371-341 with Gail playing DETAINED and himself playing RENAILED. Against Thomas, he got down the fancy EUSTELE (n. a type of siphonostele, in which the vascular tissue in the stem forms a central ring of bundles around a pith, duh), but lost 281-427. His big game of the night came in the finale, as he slapped down three bingos against Richard and won 445-323. His bingos were SOLDIERY, PARTNERS, and CAULINE (adj. pertaining to a stem). That last one, combined with EUSTELE, makes me think he took the advice to study "stem bingos" a little too literally!

In bingo news, the club is now two unique bingos away from achieving 25 percent bingo coverage. The bingos page on the site currently states that we are already there, but that's due to a rounding error. Who do you believe, your trusted club writeup person, or a computer?

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