Club Results 11/14


1st - Charles Reinke wove his six bingos into a 4-0 +543 total to take first place in a group of 14 experts. It was a case of "NICER" words propelling his win/loss night past Thomas's 14 bingos, Andy's 12 and Chris's 8 such bonus counters.

2nd - Thomas Reinke's 4-1 +474 was highlighted by two 4-bingo games. as Helen Flores witnessed ENEMATA, HONORING, TEPEFIED, and PERSONA and he then showed Richard Lauder LOITERER, STEARIC, SPOOFING and the spoof bingo of TURFISH. Thomas returned to the Numero Uno spot in the expert's yearly stat page.

3rd - Peter Schmiedicke took 3rd despite his more plebian night (for him) of only 6 bingoes. Peter split his Reinke games, losing to Thomas 418-315 and then smiting Charles 527-338 in his thrid game match.


1st - Asa Miura carried the MIURA FLAG to top spot in a field of 3 Intermediates with a 1-1 +104 night.  Asa's big game was a 397-212 win vs. June Scott, a game he played OUTDATED in.

2nd - Harwinder Dowd also did a 2 game stint, finishing 1-1 -4 and in 2nd position.

3rd- June Scott's 0-4 -404 rounded out the field for the 3 Intermediates. Hopefully next week a few more of the regulars will be back to help June out.


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Wednesday, November 20:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

Wednesday, November 27:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, December 4:
Scrabble at First Congregational

Wednesday, December 11:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

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