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Club Results 7/17

Tyrannical Madman Charles Reinke Fails to Loosen Stranglehold on Club Standings

1st Charles Reinke enjoyed an evening unmarred by the blight of loss, going 4-0 +548.  A troubling pattern emerged in his four games, that pattern being an ever-increasing game score. 423, 451, 492, and 544 were his scores, and his spread totals also grew as the night wore on: +94, +121, +151, and +182.  If he can continue this trend at the National Scrabble Championship, he will have no problem winning it all, as he will be scoring somewhere in the 1000 range by tournament's end.  Charles' big win came against Andy Bohnsack, 544-362.  Bingos such as DEFERENT, LEGALITY, ENTHUSES, and the phony MANOUVRE (MANEUVRE or MANOEUVRE being legit spellings) could be found haphazardly strewn across the board by the clumsy hand of tyranny, while Andy managed to get down the leonine LIONLIKE.

2nd Peter Schmiedicke went 3-1 +68 despite a measly (for him) seven bingos.  He was relatively kind in his winning ways, generally preferring a refined low-scoring match over machismo-driven destructive pummelling.  His greatest triumph was a 417-354 victory versus Helen Flores in which he played INGESTED and IRONIES.

3rd Thomas Reinke ended up at the top of a large clump of experts who all went 2-2, thanks to his +246 spread.  He only broke the 400 mark once, but he did it with style: a four-bingo, 537-197 victory over Barb Besadny.  Those four bingos were TATSOIS, DOYENNES, RESCINDS, and ABORTING.

Honorable mention for Michael David, who won two games despite being held to just one total bingo.  To honor Michael's brave sacrifice, that lone bingo of OPTIONEE was chosen as word of the week.  We should also congratulate Michael and Katie for their new daughter, Charlotte, who came into the world roughly five weeks ago and is already averaging 340 points per game.

Harwinder Dowd Maintains Her Successful "Win Two Out of Three" Strategy

1st Harwinder Dowd went 2-1 +70, thus keeping intact her perfect 66.66 winning percentage on the year.  At the time of this writing she sits at 42 wins and 21 losses.  She attained her highest score of the club season when she bested June Scott 426-274, aided by bingos of ENTICES and EARLIER.

2nd June Scott also went 2-1, but as Harwinder's win against her negated all of her spread, she ended with a -44 cumulative.  She took down Aki Miura in the first game of the night, 357-280.

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