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Club Results 9/4

"I Am the Law" - Andy Bohnsack

1st Andy Bohnsack brought down his gavel of justice, going 4-1 with a +65 spread.  If the earth were to be unexpectedly sucked into a black hole sometime between now and next Wednesday, Andy would be club champion for the year, as his present winning percentage of 80% is higher than any other player.  He also started off the year right by defeating last year's champion, Charles Reinke, 439-386.  Charles played NICOISE and TEGUMEN, but Andy played the triple-triple NEARSIDE for 140 as well as the nice find of FLATWARE.  The sole impediment to Andy's winning ways was Lynda Finn, who bested him 461-352.  If only Andy had challenged off her phony FLOTAKI (FLOKATI is good).

2nd Charles Reinke finished 3-1 +372, with a club-leading 452 average.  His largest win was a 215-point shellacking of Mary Becker, 485-269, wherein he played the bingos DIAMINE and word of the week GYNAECIA (N. GYNAECIUM, the pistils of a flower).  The only 500+ game of the night was played by Charles, who scored 515 to Lynda Finn's 361: Charles played RADWASTE, RELUMING, and THORPES while Lynda played INDULINE.  This caused Lynda to observe that it might be easier to win if one draws an S - certainly a Scrabble truism.

3rd Thomas Reinke beat out Helen Flores by a mere 29 spread points to attain third place with his 3-1 +231 record.  When those two matched up over the board, Thomas pulled out a 442-391 victory despite Helen's triple-triple of OUTLEAPS.  Helen also played CORNIEST against Thomas' DETRAIN and IGNORANT.  Thomas' big game came against Barb Besadny, 468-312.

June Scott 2-1 For Fourth Straight Week

1st June Scott continued her streak of good performances, defeating both Miuras before facing off with expert Mary Becker.  She got the bingo WILTING while taking down Aki Miura 356-303.

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