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Club Results 9/18

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, but a Rolling Charles Reinke Gathers Plenty of Wins

1st Charles Reinke reeled off five straight wins en route to a 5-0 +470 performance.  The sound of clinking tiles provided a stark counterpoint to the stunned silence of his opponent as he crushed Helen Flores 611-280.  Helen played the word of the week, ULTIMAS (N. ultima, the last syllable of a word) as her only bingo while Charles played five of them: FAUVISH, UNCASING, INUNDATE, ENAMELED, and NITRIDE.  Three weeks into the season, that score of 611 is the highest yet played.  Mary Becker came closest to stopping the madness, losing by a score of 366-349; Charles' double-double nine-letter PASTORING was the difference-maker there.

2nd Helen Flores had her first top-three placement in a while, finishing 3-1 -182.  That negative spread might seem a little strange until you realize that she was on the receiving end of Charles' 600 game!  Displaying clear thinking in the face of pressure, she found the word DELOUSED at the end of her game against Barb Besadny, erasing Barb's large lead and winning 389-385 in the most closely-contested match of the evening.  Helen had one bingo in each game and is still averaging over one per game this season.

3rd Peter Schmiedicke went 3-and-reinkes with a positive 182 spread.  He started off strong with three wins in a row, including a 488-383 bout with Andy Bohnsack (playing TOADIED, CLEAVES, and REANOINT), then met the dual wrecking crew of Thomas and Charles Reinke.  He fought valiantly the whole way, putting down three bingos in each game, but couldn't quite pull out the desired victories.  On the plus side, his 446-501 loss against Charles is this year's highest loss so far, and he tied Charles for Bingo King honors with thirteen.

Expert Multitasker Sue Goldstein Beats Three Opponents While Reading Newspaper

1st Sue Goldstein went 3-1 +40.  After three games, she was 3-0 246 with a bingo to her name (AVOIDED vs. June Scott), but she found out the hard way that all good things must come to an end; she lost to Betty Hasselkus 266-472.  Thankfully, for the second straight week, there were cookies present to soothe the pain.

2nd Harwinder Dowd ended at 2-1 +30, playing one bingo in each game: SISTERS, CUSSING, and LAMENTS.  Her highest game came against Betty Hasselkus, whom she beat 376-350.


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