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Club Results 5/28

Mark Kenas Banishes British Words From Head and Prevails

1st Mark Kenas, fresh from a successful trip to Chicago playing the Collins dictionary, ignored the extraneous words floating in his gray matter to finish 4-0 +213.  Beating Mary Becker 454-338 in the first game proved to be the highlight of Mark's evening as he bingoed with DEPONES and RENTIERS.  Some power-tile bingos were on the menu in Mark's close 397-390 win against Andy Bohnsack: Mark played ENZYMES and the more pedestrian TONNERS; Andy got CAJONES (n. CAJON, a canyon - only pluralizes with the -ES) and TAILSPIN.  Despite this win, Andy still has a slight lead on the lifetime series, nine wins to eight.

2nd Chris Vergeront bid us farewell as he begins a summer of Ultimate Frisbee playing, and sent himself off in style, finishing 3-1 +316.  It was a fairly average club session, all things considered, until the final game, where Chris dropped an incredible 612 points on spectator Betty Hasselkus, who scored 272.  This score of 612 is tied for second-highest score this year (after Charles Reinke's 629), and Chris' five bingos is also tied for the most played in a game by one player this year.  Those bingos were: AUBRETIA (n. a flowering plant, also AUBRIETA), MAILERS, ROTATIVE, DECISIVE, and DOMAINE.  Hopefully this game is not indicative of a trend, where, returning from his hiatus, Chris averages 600 a game while unhaltingly demolishing his opposition without remorse.

3rd Bryan Benwitz went 3-1 +265, winning his first three to attain an eight-game streak before falling to Mark Kenas 338-404.  A sole bingo of BLEEDERS simply failed to outmuscle Mark's PURLINE and ISOSPIN (n. a type of quantum number).  This sad loss was offset by Bryan's easy victory over Lynda Finn, 476-278, a lofty score which was reached with the help of only one bingo, STRAINED.  A somewhat closer game was played when Bryan was matched up with Thomas Reinke and prevailed 424-395, handing Thomas his only loss.  The bearded twin got down ENTRAIN and POSTMEN, while the bearded non-twin played ORPINES and a nice find of FRIJOLES (n. frijol, a type of bean, again only pluralizing -ES).

Sharlie Miura Smashes Her Yearly Average in Undefeated Night

1st Sharlie Miura averaged 388 points per game and played three bingos while going 2-0 +106.  The phony one of the bunch, SMOTING, was played straight-facedly against June Scott en route to a 377-316 victory.  Then, two valid bingos, SETTEES and CRUSTED, came down against Sue Goldstein.  Barely missing the 400-point mark, Sharlie scored 399 to Sue's 354.

2nd Sue Goldstein went 2-1 -3, playing the bingo DURATION in the one game she lost.  She triumphed in what must have been a very frustrating game, 292-267 against June Scott.

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