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Club Results 11/12

Thomas Reinke's Streak Ends, But He Dominates Anyway

1st Thomas Reinke averaged over 500 points per game (specifically, 506) in his four games, but only went 3-1 +706 as Peter Schmiedicke ended Thomas' win streak at 12 games. That game was a low-scoring 377-350 affair, with just one bingo for each combatant: KIDNAPS for Peter and LIZARDS for Thomas. After that game, Thomas violently turned on the bingo spigot and would not shut it off, playing ten more bingos through his three remaining games. He absolutely smashed his brother Charles Reinke, 571-347, playing ENTOZOA, DECIARES, VELARIUM, and PUPATION. Thomas' three-game streak against his brother has the lifetime series deadlocked at 49 wins apiece. Lynda Finn would be a victim of even greater magnitude, losing 350-577. She played ETOILES and GRIVETS, but was outmatched by a 176-point trip-trip WANNABEE from her opponent. Thomas also played DRAWERS and FEDERALS to add injury to injury. The yearly standings are now struggling under the weight of his 456 per-game average.

2nd Peter Schmiedicke went 3-1 +430, impressively holding his opponents to an average under 300 points. He also won five bucks for ending Thomas' streak, so it was a great night for Peter overall. It was also a record-setting night: he notched his largest winning margin ever, beating Leslie Seltzer by 333 points, 557-224. INFLATOR, OREIDES, and SETTLED were his bingos in that one. Dave Gilligan was held to a similarly low final score, with a final of 247-366. Peter just had one bingo in that game, a word that may have described his opponent after the game: SADDEST.

3rd Lynda Finn finished at 3-1 +38, putting her above the other 3-1 finisher, Richard Lauder. She handed Peter Schmiedicke his only loss of the evening, 367-318. Peter had OVERDOSE, but Lynda's FLINDERS cleanly counteracted that scoring attempt. Lynda took a more ruthless approach against Helen Flores, walking away with a 431-266 victory. Helen was limited to a grand total of zero bingos as Lynda found two that materialized on her rack: PENTAGON and DIARIST. Helen did later have the highest-scoring bingo of the evening, a 185 point triple-triple BREATHED. Aaron Bader also found himself invited to the triple-triple party, playing the super-useful ANEROIDS for 131 and bankrupting the club in the process.

Sue Goldstein First in Intermediates, but Also Second-to-Last

1st Sue Goldstein finished 2-1 -20. Both of her wins were against June Scott, and both were somewhat low-scoring: 339-288 (okay) and 280-278 (that sounds painful). However, a win is a win no matter how much or little you score!

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