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Club Results 7/15

Aaron Bader Takes Mark Kenas Back to School, Then Forces him On Field Trip to Bingo Town, No Permission Slip Required

1st Aaron Bader played Mark Kenas in four straight games and didn't lose a single one, going 4-0 +472. This performance gives Aaron the lead in the lifetime series, 33-31, and his winning streak against Mark is now at seven games. A four-bingo romp proved to be a good way to start off the series; Aaron played ELOIGNED, INSPIRER, RESTORED, and INVERSE, a collection of bingos that resulted in a 519-391 win. However, Mark was no slouch, playing RAINWEAR and TREFOILS. The next game was not any kinder to Mark as Aaron scored 500 for the second and last time. 515-341 was what the scores read once Aaron got done playing his bingos of RATINES, CARNIER#, and BALUSTER. Mark came close to taking the last game of the night, but fell frustratingly short, 436-443, proving once again that fate exists solely to turn us all into failures. Well, most of us. Aaron could argue otherwise as he was again blessed with four bingos: UNFAMED#, DISHABLE#, ENDEAVOR, and GENTOOS. Fun fact: if you look up "baby gentoos" in Google Image Search, your computer screen fills up with cute pictures of little fuzzy penguins.

2nd Bryan Benwitz allowed visions of a dominant eight-game winning streak to take command of his brain as he recorded his second-straight undefeated night, going 4-0 +400. Like Aaron above, Bryan found himself nearly drowning in bingos over the course of the night, playing eleven of them. His first game, a 375-292 victory over Gail Salm, had just one, OVERGAIN; however, four such plays were in store for Betty Hasselkus: SAYABLE, SORDINI, JOSTLING, and ELUANTS. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Bryan came out with the win in that one, 509-285. Bryan then performed an encore of that 500-point performance, winning a game against Andy Bohnsack by the score of 502-434. Andy played BEATING and the triple-triple DIASPORE (122 points), but Bryan stood, unintimidated, against Andy's scoring assault to play three bingos of his own: DEMENTS, IGNORERS, and FISTNOTE.

3rd Thomas Reinke didn't quite win them all, but still had a very successful evening, finishing at 3-1 +357. He scored a solid 446-378 win against Richard Lauder, playing LINTERS, BOATNECK, and CRUISED to Richard's sole FATWOODS. Three more bingos were unleashed during a decisive 498-286 win against Gail Salm: ABROSIA (n. abstinence from food), STENOTIC, and ERASION. Gail contributed TILLERS to the bingo action on the board. Only the aforementioned Bryan Benwitz was able to stop Thomas; their matchup finished with 448-423 upon the scoresheets and assorted evidence of a bloody brawl scattered about the playing area. Bryan got down MIDGETS, TIDELAND, and CALOYERS; Thomas had EOBIONT and word-of-the-week JODHPURS for 101.

In addition to Andy's 3x3 DIASPORE, Gail had a 3x3 of her own, TWIRLERS for 149 against Dennis Lloyd, who will now remember that you ALWAYS block an open W in the second spot because who knows what could happen. Only one new bingo was played this week, Charles' BEJASUS.

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