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Club Results 12/16

Charles Reinke at Eight Straight Thanks to Back-to-Back Undefeated Nights

1st Charles Reinke put together another strong showing, averaging 462 per game and finishing at 4-0 +507. His highest scoring game was a 502-393 win over the tough Bryan Benwitz. Proving his toughness, Bryan played the phony BONELIKE, an especially bold move considering that Charles had let another player play that same phony against him just a few months ago. Bryan also laid down the less-controversial ATONERS, while Charles got ADVISED, REDEFINE, and SURCOAT. Charles also played the role of spoiler by disrupting Helen Flores' perfect-night-in-progress; in the final game, he came out indisputably victorious, having won 490-223, playing bingos of FAUCETS and SATSANGS (n. SATSANG, a type of Hindu spiritual gathering) in the process.

2nd Andy Bohnsack had an identical +507 spread to the player above him, but the presence of an extra lost game relegated him to second place. He continued his quest to lead the club in bingo output by playing thirteen of them in his five games. His one loss was gotten out of the way quickly in a first-round matchup versus Dave Gilligan. Dave played three bingos in his 454-377 win: ENOLASE, PROLIFIC, and JETTING. Meanwhile, Andy "only" had two: SUEDING and OERSTED. A much more postive outcome (for Andy) was attained when he crushed Susan Vergeront 492-249. Susan was held bingoless, presumably because Andy hogged the bingo tiles; his three were ELOINER, REALISED, and THUNDERY.

3rd Lynda Finn went 3-1 +150 to finish in third place, 120 or so spread points ahead of fourth-place challenger Helen Flores. Lynda's big game was a solid victory against Mary Becker, 446-342. Two of Lynda's seven bingos were played in that game, MONGREL and DUETING. Of course, her singular loss had to come against the undefeated Charles Reinke, thereby making him the spoiler of two undefeated performances. It was Charles' win, 417-350, but the bingo battle was ruled a tie with just one for each player: Lynda's TENNIES and Charles' PANINIS.

Helen Flores played a triple-triple HOARIEST for 140 points, her second four-dollar play in three weeks. Plenty of new bingos were played this week: SATINIER (Thomas), PANINIS (Charles), SATSANGS (Charles again), EROTICAS (Mary) and SAPIDER (Gail)

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