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Club Results 3/9

Andy Bohnsack Successfully Executes Plan to Score More Points than Opponents

1st Andy Bohnsack brutally trampled the winning aspirations of all four of his opponents to catapult himself solely in first place, 4-0 +305. A 390-353 victory against Charles Reinke (bingos: SOCAGER and UVEITIS) started things off well, and they only got better from there. Fast forward to the end of the fourth game, only to find that Andy had pulled off the coveted Anti-Reinke by knocking down Thomas Reinke by a score of 449-382, again with two bingos: AIGLETS and GORDITA. In between those two wins, Andy also felled Joe Horowitz, 450-337. However, that win was befouled by the shameful stench of a phony bingo, CHAIRER (CHARIER is perfectly acceptable and stenchless). Andy also played BEPAINTS and FINALES in that game, while Joe was limited to one bingo of RADIANS.

2nd Aaron Bader, coerced into playing a fourth game by dictatorial club directors, overcame his tiredness to finish 3-1 +165. Like Andy, Aaron opened the action with a solid win against strong opposition, upending Bryan Benwitz 436-353 despite being outbingoed 2-1: Bryan played THRONES and STEARIN, but Aaron's 93-point WEBSTER (n. an archaic term for a weaver) was enough to seal the deal. Aaron overcame more adversity in a 418-386 win against Charles Reinke, as Charles got down an early 149-point 3x3 of FLINGERS (the loss thus soothed by the healing salve of a five-dollar prize). Aaron's MERITING and OUTPLAYS turned out to be self-describing as Aaron fought out the win. Not all adversity is meant to be overcome, however, and Aaron was taught that lesson by Joe Horowitz in the form of a 431-379 defeat.

3rd Helen Flores crushed her yearly average by scoring 404 points per game as she finished in third place at 3-1 +37. After defeating one Reinke the previous week, she defeated the other Reinke this week, triumphing over Thomas 469-398. Thomas played LACTEAN, CYANOGEN, and ENABLERS, but Helen got down TOOTSIE as well as a punishing late-game REMIXERS for 126 points to secure victory for her own. Her 412-371 victory against Gail Salm was a little more subdued, but still a quality win, as Helen got down two more bingos, QUAKERS and DEVICES. The one blemish on her scorecard was delivered courtesy of Mr. 4-0 Andy Bohnsack, who won by a final of 466-378. Helen's ETESIAN and AITCHES did much in the way of damage prevention, but were unfortunately not quite enough to snag the win.

Aaron's SCROFULA, a type of tuberculosis, was awarded word-of-the-week honors. Both new bingos this week were played by Thomas: ARTSIES and SHITTER.

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