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Club Results 3/30

Bryan Benwitz Repeats

1st Bryan Benwitz followed up his victorious session last week with an even more dominating performance this week, going 4-0 +219. He flexed his bingo muscles early in his 396-297 win over Susan, wasting little time in playing the vowel-heavy Word of the Week, FILARIAE (n. FILARIA a parasitic worm). A close endgame in the second round resolved in his favor against Thomas, with him winning 411-406. His bingos of REPLETE and EPSILONS were helpful, but a late high-scoring J play sealed the deal. An abnormally low-scoring 345-333 over Aaron was aided by his dual phonies of CORDOBAN (an erroneous combination of CORDOBA (n.a monetary unit of Nicaragua) and CORDOVAN (n. a fine leather)) and SLOTHED. I figure that once one knows as many words as Bryan does, some are bound to get corrupted in the archives. Bryan's perfect night was on the line against Joe, but, showing supreme poise and confidence, he again came out the winner, 452-349. It is known amongst the club membership that losing to a Reinke constitutes getting "Reinked". Perhaps it is time to coin a new term, "Benwitzed"? Just something to think about.

2nd Thomas Reinke, after failing to place last week, returned to Attic Angels with vengeance on his mind, going 4-1 +673. His first-round matchup against Joe was marked by a 3-0 advantage in bingos, with him winning 440-342. (Joe had the same thing happen in his next game against Gail, but managed to win himself, so maybe bingos aren't everything? Nah, they're everything.) Enraged by his loss to Bryan, Thomas took out his frustrations on Lynda and Barb in the third round, winning the games of the two-on-one by a combined 504 points. On a night of prosaic bingos for Thomas, his play against Barb of ERRHINE (n. a substance that promotes nasal discharge, GROSS!!!!!) stands out. The traditional "fourth round brother battle" ended in his favor, 446-380. The most notable occurrence of that game was an early board configuration (apologies for formatting):


I don't know, I thought it was neat. Or something.

3rd Charles Reinke followed up his 2rd place performance last week with a 3rd place performance this week, marking the start of a disturbing trend which clearly signals a deterioration of his game. Pulling double duty in the first game, he distributed his bingos unequally, playing 3 against Gail and none against Dave, resulting in a loss. Dave found the nice word APLOMBS to help ensure the win. A total of 6 bingos were played in his 519-370 win against Lynda, OUTRIDER (n. a mounted attendant who rides beside a carriage), STIMIED, ALIENATE, and MELTONS for Charles, BEPAINT and INTONING for Lynda. He then stimied David's chance at a perfect night, defeating him 488-268. Charles' play of ETIOLATE (v. to whiten) made a large difference; bingoing without having a "bingo rack" can swing games quickly.

No new bingos were played this week, but a whole bunch of old bingos were played, so no biggie.

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