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Club Results 3/8

16 Bingos is a Lot

1st Charles Reinke returned to form with a dominating 5-0 +668 performance, with his 16 bingos being the driving force behind the domination. Somehow he only got down a single bingo against Andy in the first round, but he followed that up with 7 in the second round. Before you get too excited, he was playing a two-on-one, so only get a little bit excited about his feat. Against Mary, his star play was the nine-letter TREACLIER as he scored 553 points. Against Betty, he played REPTILIA, ABEYANT, and TABLING on his way to 502. Further bingoage occurred against Thomas, where Charles outbingoed him 4-0 but only won by 98 points. ONLY 98 points. What was he doing? I'm actually kind of embarrassed for him. In the final round, he capped off his perfect night with another 4-bingo outing, this time against Bryan, playing PELAGES, PERDITION (another nine!), DIABASE, and BESTOWAL (anagrams TEABOWLS and STOWABLE). Bryan did get down TRANKING, which leads me to wonder why TRANQING* isn't acceptable.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 3-1 +337, but didn't play 16 bingos or even come close really. His opening-round 459-303 win over Helen was sullied by the 101-point phony WOODLIKE* (adj. resembling wood, see, I even came up with a definition for it). He and Bryan played one bingo apiece in the second round, ROTATES for Bryan and PINESAP for Thomas, as Thomas got the 424-341 victory. Things went south for him against Charles, but promptly turned north again versus Andy, with the 495-299 final score telling the sad tale. Thomas got down TRISTEZA (n. a disease of citrus trees, borrowing exactly the Spanish word for "sadness") in that game.

3rd Aaron Bader secured third place with a 3-1 +164 record. He walloped returning Milwaukee-ite James Frankki in the first round, playing ANTIRED (adj. opposed to communism) and ANTIMERIC (anagrams ANTICRIME and CRIMINATE). He was down for much of the second-round against Dave, but got down a semi-miraculous MUSKIER at the end to win 357-322. Miracles were in short supply in his game against Bryan, as he fell to Bryan's COTTERED, CALORIES, and BLEATED. Against Dennis in the final round, his big play of OXIDATES for 98 carried him to a 379-322 win.

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