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Club Results 5/8

1st Charles Reinke had a club session which could most accurately be described as "dominant" as he averaged 498 per game, played 14 bingos, and finished at 5-0 +709. His lowest-scoring game of 443 was notched in the first round against Dennis, a game where he also had his lowest bingo total with "only" two. Dennis did have the nice play of MISGAVE for 102, but Charles had CARDITIS and an out-play TRISOMES. In the second round he faced both Daves, racking up a pair of 500-point games, beating Dave K. 549-285 and Dave G. 519-320. His star play in those games was a triple-triple find of LINIMENT for 122 against Dave K. Charles' prefect night continued against Bryan in the third game, where he won 487-378. Bryan had bingos of COENURE and RADIOMEN while Charles played BRAVOES, OXALATES, and a double-double NEWTONS that won him a few bucks for the "High W" prize. His final game was by far the closest, a 493-491 win against Thomas. Both combatants played three bingos: BARONET, CRISPATE (adj. irregularly curled or crinkled), and WEAKENS for Thomas, and REWORDS, REINVITE, and MILTIER for Charles. The U's and I's were played early, and it seemed like whoever drew the Q was not going to be able to play it. Thomas was the unlucky receiver of that tile, and the 20 points Charles got from it were just enough to put him over the top.

2nd Bryan Benwitz didn't have as amazing of a night as the first place finisher, but did perfectly well for himself, coming in second with a 3-1 +140 record. He won 470-382 against Thomas in the opener, utilising wondrous bingos of WONDROUS for 111 and a late UTILISES to seal the game. Thomas played EROTIZED and the word-of-the-week COWFLOPS. COWFLOP, COWFLAP, COWPLOP, COWPIE, and COWPAT all mean the same thing, "a dropping of cow dung". Remember to mark your calendars for the Prairie Du Sac cow chip throw and festival during Labor Day weekend. This will be the year the Madison Scrabble Club delegation takes home the gold! But coming back to Scrabble, Bryan won the next game 435-390 against Helen. She fought valiantly, outbingoing Bryan with OUTRODE and ORIENTED to his BONEYARD, but it wasn't enough in the end. He suffered his only defeat of the evening against Charles in the third round 378-487, also his lowest-scoring game of the night. In the final match he faced Dave G. and won 445-329. Dave bingoed with OUTSANG (anagram of NOUGATS) and Bryan played GLITTER (no word on whether that was extended to AGLITTER) and ERASERS.

3rd Richard Lauder forwent what would surely have been an extremely wet, cold, windy, and all-around miserable evening on the golf course to play some Scrabble instead, and that was a good decision, as he came in third at 2-1 +14. He was rewarded for missing the first game with a second-round contest against Thomas. That game didn't turn out so well for him, as he lost 300-476 while watching his opponent lay down many (unearned) bingos. Luckily for him, no more bingos were played against him for the rest of the night. His next game was a 413-334 win over Dave K., where he played HAIRPINS and RETINTED. In the final game, he faced Mary and won that one as well, 418-307. In that game, he bingoed with FAIREST and ALTHORN (n. a brass wind instrument, kind of like a SAXHORN).

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