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Club results 8/7

1st Charles Reinke came in first with a 4-1 record, although his paltry +46 spread was low compared to a normal four-win performance. The main reason for that was that he started off way in the hole as he lost to Thomas 336-595 in the first game. Thomas opened with BRUITER and didn't let up, playing STONIER, GLACEING, and TAPETUMS (n. TAPETUM a layer of cells in some plants) as well. Charles' sole bingo was ENURESIS (not to be confused with ANURESIS). Luckily, after that drubbing, things got a lot better for him, starting with a two-on-one pair of wins over Bryan and Helen. He beat Bryan 449-393 with bingos of SNORTED and SAURIAN, and simultaneously beat Helen as well, 424-332. His big play against Helen was SPIREME for 106; presumably he chose the best of the seven bingos made with the letters of EEIMPRS. In the third round, he faced Thomas again. This time, things were a lot closer, and he eventually pulled out a 425-424 win. Thomas had a rare double-X bingo, XEROXES, while Charles had UNSLING, CALIPEES, and INLACES. Charles' biggest win came in the finale, a 495-339 win against James. James was seemingly cursed with endless draws of vowels (sound familiar to anyone?), while Charles bingoed four times with PANDECTS, UNAKITES, FERRELS, and ALANINE.

2nd Bryan Benwitz faced a tough lineup and still came in second with a 3-1 +51 record. He, like Charles, faced Thomas in the first round, but unlike Charles, won. The final score was 422-410, with Bryan's final play of SUBSTATE for 83 points being enough to win even without the letters left on Thomas' rack. His only loss of the night came against Charles, 393-449 in the second round. But since this is supposed to be a positive paragraph about Bryan's accomplishments, we're going to move right past that into his 420-369 win against James in the third game. James bingoed with CLITORAL (a handy extension of LITORAL) and UNMOVED, while Bryan only had SEEDING. Despite the bingo deficit, he won with a decent margin; perhaps this indicates that there is more to Scrabble then just playing as many bingos as possible? In the final game, he faced Thomas again, and built up a huge lead with bingos of DIRECTLY, SENSATE, and GUERDON. The reason that you build up huge leads is so that you can withstand any disasters that happen; in this case, Thomas then triple-tripled with PLEDGERS for 167 but still remained behind, and Bryan ended up winning 485-441.

3rd Betty Hasselkus overcame a shaky start to come in third at 2-2 -171. She lost big against James in her opener, partially because she let his phony of OLDTOWN* go by unchallenged. For reference, the three-letter front extensions for TOWN are COWTOWN, MIDTOWN, and TOYTOWN. In the second game, she faced Sue, who, with a score of 461 came one point short of her highest score since the club started keeping track. Revenge was swift and merciless in the next round, as there was an immediate rematch where Betty won 381-292 with a bingo of FAIRIES. Her game against Helen got off to a good start when she opened with RELYING for 70. She later added DIARIES and ended up winning 416-290.

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