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1st CHARLES REINKE led the pack with 4 wins, one loss, and THIRTEEN bingoes.  He accumulated 463 more points than his opponents.  He ended the evening playing his brother Thomas in a close game 533 to 513.  Both Charles and Thomas had 4 bingoes in the game so the fact that they both had 500 games is not a surprise.  Did anyone get a picture of that board?

2nd MICHAEL DAVID was undefeated in his 3 games +163 and getting 2 bingoes in each match.

3rd LYNDA FYNN won 3 of her 4 games accumulating +244 and 7 bingoes.



1st MATT RUST won 3 of his 4 games losing only his last game to Sue Goldstein.

2nd KATIE DAVID won 2 of her 3 games losing only to Matt.

3rd JUNE SCOTT won 2 of her 3 games lsong only to Katie.

Leslie brought her daughter to entertain the 19 Scrabblers who met at Barnes and Noble to play our favorite word game.  Lynda chose NUDZH for the prize word of the week.  Peter won the prize for for high "NU" playing ounces for 22 points.  Matt won for low D.  Christopher won high Z for ZEATINS and Barbara was rewarded for the low H play.  Prize word for our April 18 meeting at Attic Angels will be AECIA ae·ci·um ( s - m, sh -). n. pl. ae·ci·a (-s - , -sh -). A cuplike structure of some rust fungi that contains chains of aeciospores.


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