Club Results 5/4

1st Thomas Reinke added to a recent run of success where he has gotten first place in five out of the last six club sessions, this time with a 3-1 +500 record. He averaged 480 points per game in his four games, buoyed significantly by a score of 598 in round three against Helen Flores. His bingos there were OLEFINE, JIMMIES, ROADEOS, and ORTOLAN. Immediately following that indecent scoring outburst, Thomas suffered his single loss of the night, being felled by Charles Reinke, 406-464 despite bingos of TOILETRY and SURCEASE. Charles, meanwhile, proved once again the utility of high-probability bingos, getting down STERANE and TOENAILS.

2nd Charles Reinke also went 3-1, but with a smaller +421 spread. However, he did eclipse his brother's average game score with a hefty 491 average. The big story of Charles' night was him setting a new personal club record by scoring a blasphemous 666 points against Peter Schmiedicke, a score which is also good for 7th-highest at the club since more detailed scorekeeping began in 2011. Charles played five bingos, including the triple-triple PHELONIA for 176 points, while Peter mostly spectated (although Peter did get down a 98-point PIERCING). Conversely, Charles was held bingoless in a 330-428 loss against Helen Flores, who played TRAVELER and TREADLE. Helen is now 2-2 in her last four games against Charles and has thus earned bragging rights for a period of up to, but not exceeding, two (2) weeks.

3rd Bryan Benwitz was the third and final 3-1 finisher, averaging a substantial 449 points per game and finishing with a +274 cumulative. No trace of midwest hospitality could be found as he soundly defeated the visiting Diane Kerner, 475-305. Diane was able to slap down REMINTED, but Bryan countered with HOSTILE and SAMOYEDS - the first of his bingos can rather easily be related to his attitude during the game, but SAMOYEDS is a bit harder to make a connection with, unless he was thinking about fluffy Russian dogs the whole game. In round four, Bryan was unofficially awarded with "Phony of the week" as he got away with CASANOVA* during a 432-381 win over Peter Schmiedicke. Casanova is apparently always capitalized, and thus excluded from the word list, even though words like ROMEO are valid. Reason #10001 why attempting to use logic and reason to determine the validity of words is a fool's errand.

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