Club Results 1/11

1st Richard Lauder bounced back from last week's 1-3 performance to finish with an immaculate 4-0 record and a +280 spread. By the end of the first round he had already recorded two wins, as his two-on-one against Dennis Lloyd and Helen Flores was a successful venture. He beat Dennis 364-326 without playing a bingo, and beat Helen Flores 401-333 with bingos of ELITISTS and DOCKING. Richard's major success came in the following round as he easily wiped the floor with Charles Reinke, winning 446-357 and playing three bingos: EULOGIA, OUTHEARS, and STILLED. After another solid win in round three (396-311 vs. Dave Kinzer), Richard wisely decided to sit on his undefeated record and not play the fourth round.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 4-1 +324, continuing his strong start to the new club season. He incrementally improved his chances of repeating as club champion by defeating his closest opposition, Charles Reinke, by a score of 490-354 in the third round. He found bingos of DISRATE, COLLAGED, and REBASED to carry him to a comfortable victory. However, round three saw Thomas suffer his only loss, a 408-467 scuffle with Mark Kenas. It was Mark's turn to bingo thricely as he slapped down HETAIRA, REINVADE, and CORACLES, while Thomas had a single bingo of INSANELY. Thomas finished his evening with a 413-339 win over Helen Flores in a game where he was outbingoed zero to two - Helen's antonymic bingos of UNSEXIER and AROUSER were just not enough.

Of note was Dennis' 149-point triple-triple of MANACLES, played against Dave in the final round.

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Wednesday, March 22:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, March 29:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

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