Club Results 12/26

Charles Reinke wins three while shaking off egg-nog hangover!

1st Charles Reinke stumbled only once on the night, going 3-1 +233, his loss being to an ecstatic Helen Flores, 390-392. Helen's bingo of OUTRAGE was enough to overcome Charles' FINITES and the appropriate ANTICOLD

2nd Lynda Finn at 3-1 +174 won her first three games before running into Charles Reinke in the last match of the night.  Holding each of her first two opponents to 274 points contributed nicely to her point spread.  Her closest win was over the elusive Renato Umali, 406-391, which came despite Renato's phony "PREFORGE". 

3rd Mary Becker was the third player with three wins, going 3-1 +66.  Mary played the word of the week, SUNDRESS, in her first-round loss to Charles Reinke, then avenged that loss by beating Thomas Reinke 409-351, deploying the words BATCHES and INSIDERS to counteract Thomas' POSTWAR.

10 players came to play post-Christmas Scrabble and get away from their tiring relatives.  The prize word of the might was MEOU, chosen after a player tried "MIOU" on their opening turn and had it challenged off.  Renato Umali was awarded high M for his play of MOSHING (n. - frenzied dancing at a rock concert).  Mary Becker got low E with 7.  Thomas Reinke scored 81 with his play of AILERON, netting high O and showing that his study deep into the low-probability words is paying off.  Barb Besadny got low U with 6, proving once again that Hasbro should just take that letter out of the game entirely.


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