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Charles Reinke Pulling Away

1st - Charles Reinke enhanced his club leadership position with a 4-0 +240 night, helping his own cause with a 461-405 closing win vs. brother Thomas. They each had three bingos, Charles with MANICURED  (a nine!), ALEWIFE and WORKABLE while Thomas salvoed back with LANDLERS, NIOBATES and GUARDANT.

2nd - Renato Umali's 4-1 +321 clinched 2nd place. He and Thomas each had 11 bingo plays, Renato's sole loss came at the hands of Mark Kenas in an atypically low scoring game 334-351. Renato had the only bingo there between both these experts, and it was appropriately enough the word SCROUNGE.

3rd- Mark Kenas, making an all too rare appearance at club finsihed at 3-1 +282 for 3rd. Mark admitted to being rusty from being away from competiion for awhile and so none of Mark's always awesome bingo finds (words like QUINCUNX) were on display for him this night in the 7 more plebian bingoes he played.

Without any other Intermediates available, Sue Goldstein played all of her 4 games against experts...and she finished with a very respectable 2-2 -176 final tally. Her wins came against Mary Becker and Betty Hasselkus. 

Also worth noting, Thomas Reinke fell just shy of the elusive "600" club with his 595-231 game with Shayla Dunn. Thomas played bingoes of EARNERS, STUNNER, VAPOROUS and GOETHITE during that game. 


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