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Charles Reinke Express Rolls Onward


1st - Charles Reinke's rocketship zooms upward again! With a dominating 4-0 +628 Charles reinke further solidified his Club leading position. Charles averaged 461 while his opponents recorded a more feeble 304 average score. He know has a 78.9% winning record. Helen Flores needs to play him more often these days to slow down this wordsmithing titan.

2nd - Andy Bohnsack recorded a 3-1 +190 to finish in 2nd. Andy played one of the funner words in our lexicon, SEXTARII (the plural of SEXTARIUS, an ancient Roman unit of measure) in his 2nd game matchup with Gail Salm. His sole lose came at the hands of "guess who", as Charles bested him 425-314.

3rd- Richard Lauder's 3-1 +83 was enough to land him at 3rd place. Once again, Charles handed that single lose to Richard in a 503-313 demolition exhibition. Charles started that game rolling along with his first play,  ISOTOPE, the "T" being the first of Charles's double blank drawing. Richard felt lucky in cracking the "300" plane by game's end.


1st - Sue Goldstein, after playing nothing but experts last week, was heartened to see Aki and Sharlie Miura back once more. She Finished at 2-2 +122, saving her sole bingo (UNLEARN) for her game with expert gail Salm.

2nd - Aki Miura's 0-2 -162 was adequate for 2nd in the 3 player field.

3rd- Sharlie Miura's 0-2 -227 took 3rd in the field of 3 players.

We play next week at Attic Angel's.


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