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Club Results 1/23 - Reign of Terror is Over

Bohnsack's Triumphal Return

1st Andy Bohnsack's, three win, one loss night was enough to achieve first place in the expert group, despite a paltry (by Andy's standards) +197 spread.  Most of that spread was gained in one game, when Andy beat Chris Vergeront 500-334.

2nd Mark Kenas overcame a first-round demolition at the hands of Charles Reinke to finish 3-1 +110.  The 346-583 loss was a result of the poorly-timed phony PREFLOOD, which slotted a D in the triple line, a perfect place for Charles to play the triple-triple RONDEAUX for 185 points.  Sometimes it's better not to challenge!  Mark got his revenge when he beat Thomas Reinke 457-295 with plays like SCANTER, OUTRUSH and DIORITES.

3rd Thomas "Streak Buster" Reinke came in third in the experts, but more importantly, ended Charles Reinke's win streak at 16, winning that matchup 418-409.  He also had a four-bingo frolic versus Peter Schmiedicke, playing SOLVERS, INERTIAE, LAUGHER, and RONNELS to Peter's PICTURE and REUSABLE.  Peter also got word of the week when he put down the nine-letter EDITORIAL against Lynda Finn.


Betty Takes Care of Business

1st Betty Hasselkus won all four of her games, locking up first place in the intermediates.  A visit from Sharlie Miura was the closest Betty got to losing a game, winning that one by a mere two points.

2nd Helen Flores went 3-1 +289 to take second place.  The highlight of her night was beating Sue Goldstein 419-277, getting down two bingos (FAINTEST and REACTION) to seal the deal.

3rd Barb Besadny came in third, splitting her games on the night.  She had a nice find of UNAWARES, utilizing the dreaded tandem of a U and a W, in a 320-293 win against Sharlie.

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