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Feb. 27 2013


1st - In what is becoming an all too familiar route, Peter Schmiedicke played 12 bingoes, including the  word of the week SHOALIER, on his way to a 4-1 +85 night. Peter climbed out of a Reinke induced cume hole after he lost his opening game 254-550 to Thomas Reinke, a 246 point deficit.

2nd - Richard Lauder's 3-1 +288 garnered 2nd. His sole loss was a nail-biter's 385-388 defeat when Richard, playing Peter, opted for a late game 38 point "X" play, cleverly not taking the all too obvious 50 point "X" play that was just sitting there, ready for the pluckingt.  Richard's  Lesson #1.1 -First,  find a good play and then look at the ENTIRE board to see if there is a better one.  : )

3rd- Thomas Reinke finished at 3-2 +549, closing the ground ever so slightly on club leader Charleds Reinke. Thomas helped his own cause when he bested Charles  489-352.


1ST - Mary Becker's 3-2 +37 took top honors in the Intermidates. Her closest game was her 33-317 win vs. Barb Besadny in a 3rd round matchup, with Mary's bingo LARDIEST giving her the 16 point cushion.

2nd - Helen Flores started the night shocking club leader Charles Reinke with an upset 421-322 win, on her way to a final tally of 2-2 -150.

3rd - Sue Goldstein's 2-2 -204 took third. Sue had a more SEDATING game when she played that bingo in her game with June Scott, and finished with a less sedating game when she drew Thomas Reinke for her final run, a 302-469 loss.

The club welcomed newcomer Dan Hoffman to its expert level. Dan has had previous club experience, having played many of the East Coast big guns at the New York city club.


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