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Club Results 3/13


1st - Bryan Benwitz successfully battled to a 4-0 +364 night to top a field of 12 experts. His closest encounter was a narrow 23 point win in a 378-355 encounter with Andy Bohnsack.

2nd- Andy Bohnsack's 3-1 +333 took second, his big game his opening 488-371 with Lynda Finn. Andy also played the word-of-the week, when he played BRULYIES, the Y in that word being a blank. A BRULYIE (or BRULZIE) is a loud quarrel.

3rd- Richard Lauder's 3-1 +100 garnered 3rd.  Richard was handed his first game win at 411-375 when Peter Schmiedicke mistakenly tried hooking a D to WOE as a go-out play.  Woe was Peter.

Mary Becker scored an amazing 106 points with a five letter  AZURE play in her game with Helen Flores.


1st -Hardwinder Dowd returned from a long hiatus, and with her 1-1 +39 finished in 1st place. Welcome back Harwinder!

2nd - June Scott's 1-2 record was enough to edge out Sue Goldstein for 2nd place this evening.

3rd- Sue Goldstein came early and toughed out the full four games, and her final tally of 1-3 -334 giving her the final position of the three Intermediates. Sue's last game was with expert Peter Schmiedicke. Sue survived with her sense of humor intact to be able to soldier on with us on another day.

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