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Club Results 3/20

Thomas Reinke Plays Bingo of the Millenium, His Three Wins Were Secondary

1st Thomas Reinke had three wins with an impressive 455 cumulative.  He played OMOPHAGIA for 112 (a double-double through OP) in a 522-349 victory versus a stunned Lynda Finn.  Omophagia is defined as "the eating of raw flesh", but I'm having some problems tying that in to Scrabble, so if you want a pun you'll have to come up with one yourself.  One 500-point game not being enough, Thomas also scored 505 against Andy Bohnsack, unleashing the words FLAILING, TWEETING, and CONENOSE (the more plausible-sounding NOSECONE being phony).

2nd Shayla Dunn also went 3-1.  In the closest game of the night, she notched a close 444-438 win vs. Charles Reinke, playing IODINES and the nice FREEBIE, before falling to the other Reinke twin.

3rd Charles Reinke was held to a "mere" five bingos, but still managed to go 3-1 +54.  His lone bingo of PORTRAYS was enough to take down Peter Schmiedicke's ONETIME in a 407-369 win.

Betty Hasselkus Takes Intermediates to School

1st Betty Hasselkus was the only undefeated player in the group, going 4-0 +286.  She was the only Intermediate player to get a bingo down, playing one in each game: FLOATERS, GREETED, FALLERS, and LOOTERS.

2nd Barb Besadny went 1-2 -72, her win being against Sue Goldstein 338-320.

3rd June Scott was also 1-2, with a -194 spread.  She beat the aformenetioned Barb Besadny with a score of 355-295.

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