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Club Results 4/3

Thomas Reinke Eradicates Experts

1st Thomas Reinke walked coolly down the unobstructed path of victory, going undefeated through five games and amassing a spread of +760.  Scoring 550 against Betty Hasselkus was not enough, as he immediately reeled off a 528 score in the very next game versus Helen Flores.  A list of all his bingos would take up too much space so only a carefully selected few will appear here: OZONIDES, VERATRIN, PRUDENCE, etc.  Thomas also got word of the week when he played DEWLAPS, a dewlap being a "loose fold of skin under the neck". 

2nd Peter Schmiedicke lost his first game versus Charles Reinke, but was so enraged by defeat that he showed no mercy for his four remaining opponents, going 4-1 +187.

3rd Lynda Finn was 3-2 +156.  Chris Vergeront must have done something to her in a previous life, because she beat him twice on the night, first by a score of 494-341, then by 367-288 in a clever tactic switch from offense to defense.  She played four bingos in that first game, REALISED, SLANTING, EERIEST, and the phony-but-plausible HUMIDEST

Harwinder Dowd Dominates Intermediates

1st Harwinder Dowd encountered little opposition on her way to three wins, a healthy +236 cumulative, and a healthier 368 average.

2nd Sue Goldstein finished with two wins, but her spread took a hit when she valiantly faced expert Peter Schmiedicke in the final round.  Her best game was a 371-299 victory over Betty Hasselkus in which she played the bingo SWEARING. 

3rd Sharlie Miura went 1-1, losing to Harwinder in the first game before soundly defeating June Scott 357-302.  Sharlie had two bingos in her two games, IRONING in the first and HOSTING in the second.

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