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Club Results 4/10

Andy Bohnsack Proves Once Again that More Bingos = More Wins

1st Andy Bohsnack was bingo king while also going 4-1 +212 to squeak out first place in the expert group.  His biggest victory was a 492-348 affair with up-and-comer Bryan Benwitz.  That game's +144 cume almost was enough to negate his 153-point loss (316-469) against Mary Becker.  Andy also pulled three power-tile bingos out of his bag of tricks, utilizing the Q (EQUATORS), Z (NOTARIZE), and X (EXILIAN).

2nd Mary Becker played the role of giant killer, besting the club's three best players (both Reinkes and Andy) before finally falling to the fourth, Mark Kenas.  She ended the night also 4-1, but with a slightly smaller +195 spread.  In her game against Thomas Reinke, she appropriately played the word TROUNCER on the way to a 427-408 win.

3rd Mark Kenas returned from vacation in style, accumulating an impressive spread of +361 and averaging an insane 477 while going 3-1.  He lost a very high-scoring game to Bryan Benwitz in the first round, 450-459, and didn't score less than that the rest of the way.  His best game was a 508-341 drubbing of current club leader Charles Reinke, a game in which he played four bingos (DEMISES, DEFINING, INFECTS, and the nice find of LARKSOME).

 Honorable mention goes to Lynda Finn, who lost to Bryan Benwitz 431-495 despite her triple-triple of DEAIRING. 

Sue Goldstein Paradoxically Proves that You Don't Need to Bingo to Win

1st Sue Goldstein went bingoless, but also went 3-1 +79, winning her first three games before her final-round matchup against Betty Hasselkus.  She beat expert Barb Besadny 380-343, overcoming Barb's play of HEAVERS. 

2nd June Scott won one of three, beating Helen Flores 343-305 and recording her highest loss of the year in a 374-384 loss to Barb Besadny.

3rd Barb Besadny also went 1-2 with a -164 spread which she can thank Helen Flores for.  Helen beat her 476-339, with Barb's SCANTIER failing to catch her up to Helen's LARDING and phony CURTSIE (just CURTSY and CURTSEY).

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