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Club Results 4/17

Thomas Reinke Gaining Ground in Experts

1st Thomas Reinke went a perfect 4-0 +421, and has now won 13 of his last 15 games.  His 476 average for the night was somehow not the highest, as his brother Charles averaged 477.  In the matchup of the twins, Thomas emerged from the fray with victory held high, bingoing out with CREEPIER to turn a formerly-close game into a 505-342 rout.  Thomas also shamefully played two phonies on the night, GILLETS and ANGLICES (ANGLICE is an adverb meaning "in readily understood English").

2nd Mark Kenas overcame a first-round 373-543 loss to Charles Reinke to win his next four games by over a hundred points each, erasing his initial negative spread to finish up 4-1 +449.  He bingoed at least twice in each game.  His highest score of the night came versus Betty Hasselkus, where he scored 468 (to Betty's 299) and played the bingos ADAGIOS (a musical composition played at a slow tempo), ESERINE (a toxic alkaloid), and TERRELLA (a spherical magnet).

3rd Peter Schmiedicke was two turns away from a perfect night, but was unable to score enough with his X in an endgame against Thomas Reinke, resulting in a 3-1 +486 record on the night.  His 462-462 loss came despite four bingos: FOOTNOTE, TRAVELER, TREASON, and REANOINTS through the disconnected E and first N.  However, that was not his most bingo-tastic game of the night!  He plopped down an impressive five bingos while cruising to a 520-259 victory over Barb Besadny: TABLING, RETINAS, REUNITES, RADOMES, and STAYING.

Honorable mention to Charles Reinke for scoring 586 against Chris Vergeront.  Charles was greatly aided by the timely triple-triple INQUIRER (though a dangling Q) for 185 points.  Charles also played the word of the week, ALIZARIN, onto which Mark Kenas smartly hooked an E to make the also-valid ALIZARINE.  Both words mean the same thing, an orange-red compound used as a dye.

Harwinder Dowd Remains Comfortably Atop Intermediates

1st Harwinder Dowd went 2-1 with a -57 spread.  She played latecomer June Scott twice, scraping by in the first match 345-333 before winning the next one 371-310 with the help of her bingo LINGERS.

2nd Barb Besadny had two good wins, including a 382-252 drubbing of current intermediate leader Harwinder Dowd, before losing to bingo-prone expert Peter Schmiedicke, the gory details of which can be read above.  She finished 2-1 -79.

3rd Sue Goldstein ended up 1-2 -67.  Her spread got a boost thanks to a 116-point win against June Scott, 353-237.

In other club news, Barb Besadny has decided to step down as club treasurer, photocopy-maker, and box-toter.  Charles and Thomas Reinke are picking up those duties in her stead.  Many deserved thanks to Barb for her many years of service to the club.

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