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Club Results 5/1

Charles Reinke Scores a Lot of Points, Plays a Lot of Bingos, Subsequently Wins a Lot of Games

1st At 4-0 +573, Charles Reinke proved to be utterly unstoppable, averaging 505 points and three bingos per game.  He gave Peter Schmiedicke his only loss, winning 555-376 while playing four bingos: GRAPLIN, SMASHED, LITOTES, and SPACEMEN.  Peter's OUTBREED (defined as breeding among unrelated stock, not "to surpass in breeding"), while scoring an impressive 94 points, was not nearly enough.  His closest game was a 458-410 victory over Mark Kenas wherein he played the triple-triple TERNIONS for 131 points as well as the uncommon LEHAYIM (also spelled LECHAYIM, it's a Jewish toast, not the bread kind though).

2nd Peter Schmiedicke went 3-1 +459, unbelievably scoring above 500 in all three of his wins: 531-350 against Richard Lauder, 524-299 against Susan Vergeront, and 521-289 against Chris Vergeront.  That last game's spread of 232 was his largest of the night, and it was also the game in which he played the most bingos, four of them: ANETHOLE, ORDNANCE, REPORTED, and DARTLES.

3rd Thomas Reinke went 3-1 with a relatively modest +162 cumulative.  The regularly recurring Reinke-Reinke matchup resulted in Thomas' only loss, 387-470, but that defeat was offset by his 500-370 conquest of Chris Vergeront.  Both players had two bingos in the game (RURALITE and INERTIAE for Thomas, OVARIOLE and GAMINES for Chris).  Thomas also walked away with the "most intimidating phony" award when he played the fancy-sounding GLYCASE against Mary Becker.  The phony word's origins appear to be in the words GLYCANS (a carbohydrate) and GLUCOSE (a sugar).  For his efforts he get to endure the ridicule of his brother for a week.

Harwinder Dowd Maintains Stranglehold on Intermediates

1st Harwinder Dowd went 2-1 -35.  She was rewarded for her good play the past few weeks by being matched up against Mark Kenas in the first round.  She lost that game 305-451, but won her next two to make up for it.  She got one bingo in each game: SENIORS, HOISTER, and REFUNDER.

2nd June Scott finished 1-2 -136.  She scored a healthy 395 in her second matchup against Sue Goldstein, who scored 347.

Mark Kenas got word of the week when he played ENCEINTE, a noun meaning either "an encircling fortification" or "pregnant".  Close runner-up was his play of TOREUTIC (adj. pertaining to artistic metalworking). 



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