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Club Results 5/8

Andy Bohnsack is Probably Just a Cyborg Programmed to Play Bingos

1st Andy Bohnsack had 14 bingos en route to 4-0 +487.  He had back-to-back 500-point games in rounds three and four: 524-331 against Lynda Finn, and 500-285 against Mary Becker.  He played four bingos in both of those games, as well as his game against Charles Reinke, but only played two in his game against Shayla Dunn (SNOOZER and RUMMIES).  One day in the near future, Andy will get 20 bingos in a night, and at that point we might as well just stop playing Scrabble.

2nd Charles Reinke went 4-1 +460.  Like Andy above, Charles broke the 400-mark in all of his games.  The one blemish on his scorecard was a high-scoring 467-494 loss versus Andy, the score of 467 being Charles' highest loss of the year.  He played INVERTED, GATEAUS (N. a fancy cake...what's the word for a plain cake?), and UPSTARED in his futile effort to out-bingo Andy, who played HEROINE, UPSTARED (does that word look familiar?), MILTERS, and BOTCHING.  Charles also had the highest game of the night when he recorded a 529 against Barb Besadny.

3rd Bryan Benwitz made the most out of one of his infrequent appearances at club, dispatching three experts on the way to 3-1 +181.  He lost a close one 371-384 versus Lynda Finn in the first game of the night (playing SOLATED to Lynda's ENTWINED and HOTNESS), then beat Thomas Reinke, Richard Lauder, and Shayla Dunn.  His high game of 466 against Richard consisted of the good find of CARBONIC and the good phony of TIEABLE

June Scott Unleashes the Fury

1st June Scott went 2-1 -179, getting down the bingo of BOATERS when she beat Harwinder Dowd 401-324.  401 is June's highest game of the year up to this point.

2nd Harwinder Dowd finished up 1-2 -23, her win coming against expert Barb Besadny, 409-316.  She played one bingo in each game: SNAILED, SKATERS, and IGNITES.


Shayla Dunn played the word of the week, JAUNDICE, in her 402-491 loss against Charles Reinke.  She also played the word COLLEENS in that game, which is a noun meaning "an Irish girl".  Thomas Reinke unofficially got "phony of the week" with his double-double, nine-letter NORLANDER against Helen Flores, defined by Thomas as "an inhabitant of the norland".  If you add the letters EIKR, you get ERIK NORLANDER, a semi-famous prog-rock keyboardist, but sadly for us, proper nouns are not valid Scrabble words.  It was a good night for phonies (or a bad night for well-timed, poker-faced deception, depending on your perspective), as NORLANDER and TIEABLE were the only ones played.


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