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Club Results 5/15

Charles Reinke Ends Evening With the Same Amount of Losses as He Started With: Zero!

1st Charles Reinke was the only player to not record a loss, so it is fitting that he end up in first place.  The highlight of his night was beating Helen Flores 490-356, but that highlight was marred by his phony of UNWELDS (only UNWELDED is good, even though UNSOLDER is good by itself).  That same game he played another UN- word, UNRULED, making good use of the undesirable U tile.  In his defeat of Barb Besadny, he again used a U to play the word of the week, SUNRAYS.  Charles now holds a commanding seven-percentage-point lead at the top of the club standings.

2nd Andy Bohsnack went 3-1 +161, good for second place in a competitive expert group.  In a cruel twist of fate, his high score of the night came in a 469-486 defeat at the experienced hands of Mark Kenas.  Andy's three bingos that game (INDUCTED, DEFUSING, SKIRRING) were matched by three of Mark's (PROEMIAL, DATIVELY, and ENTICES).  Andy's other tri-bingo effort resulted in a happier result, that being a 110-point, 466-356 win against Peter Schmiedicke.  A crown to commemorate Andy's Bingo King status (this week and all forseeable weeks in the future) has been mailed to his house.

3rd Mark Kenas finished at 3-1 +49Mary Becker handed him his only loss when she beat him 438-315.  From that result we can deduce the one course of action necessary to defeat Mark: prevent him from bingoing.  Of course, since he knows all the bingos, that feat is exceedingly difficult to achieve.  Mark scored a hearty 454, 486, and 438 in his wins.


Sue Goldstein Calmly Takes Care of Intermediates

1st Sue Goldstein ended at 2-1 -70.  She beat both Aki Miura (312-366) and June Scott (317-308) in low-scoring brawls, but fell to expert player Mary Becker.

2nd Aki Miura made his return to club play in triumphant fashion, splitting his games at 1-1 -7.  His victory was against June Scott, 301-262, and his opponents averaged a brutal 287 points per game.  Hint: when playing Aki, try to open the board, because he's going to try to do the opposite!

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