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Club Results 5/22

Thomas Reinke Unstoppable, Unbeatable, and Several Other Un- Words

1st Thomas Reinke was the only player who finished the night with zero losses, ending at 4-0 +350.  He squeaked out a win versus Lynda Finn, 411-404, scoring enough points in the endgame to withstand getting stuck with the hated Q tile.  He had the bingos of TRACKING and GLORIOUS to Lynda's sole ALIBIES.  He was the only player able to take down Andy Bohnsack, arriving to that word battle armed to the hilt with words like OESTRONE, PTERINS, and FIZGIG, and willing to play phonies like ESPANOLS (ESPANOL pluralizes with ES). 

2nd Charles Reinke finished 3-1 with a whopping 804 spread total.  After losing to Andy Bohnsack 401-460 (playing the phony EVOCABLY along the way), he reeled off three straight 500 games, including his highest club game ever, a 626 against Gail Salm.  His bingos of MASSIER, LETTING, DROWSIER, and ULCERATE, along with a bevy of other high-scoring plays, allowed him to reach such dizzying heights of scoring.  Charles had a devastating 185-point triple-triple of WEIGHMEN (N. weighman, one whose occupation is weighing goods) against Richard Lauder, one of three known triple-triples played during the session.  The other two were Richard's EBONISES (Adj. ebonise, to stain black in imitation of ebony) against Lynda Finn and Shayla Dunn's UNWELDED (adj. not welded) against Peter Schmiedicke. 

3rd Mark Kenas went 3-1 +321 and was also Bingo King with 13 bingos.  Among his finds: SIGNORY (the power of a feudal lord), CANTONED (divided into districts), and ETIOLOGY (the study of causes of diseases).  Like Charles above, his loss came against Andy Bohnsack, 397-409, his bingos of SHINNEY, CAROLER, and STAYING not enough against Andy's TOADLIKE and DINNERS. 

Sue Goldstein Scraps Her Way to First in Intermediates

1st Sue Goldstein finished just above even at 2- +8.  Her two losses can be attributed to experts Thomas Reinke and Mary Becker, while her two wins came against Aki Miura (402-262) and June Scott (318-270).  She put down three bingos over the course of the evening, but only two were valid: MUTTERS, SNOWING, and RESWIPE.

2nd Aki Miura went 1-1 -103, losing to eventual first-place finisher Sue Goldstein before taking down June Scott 310-273. 

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