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Club Results 5/29

Charles Reinke Pulls Further Away From Experts

1st Charles Reinke ended up at 4-0 +598. Charles started off slow with an uncharacteristically low-scoring 345-331 win over Gail Salm, a contest in which he was held bingoless.  He then regained his bingoing mojo, playing a total of eleven in his next three games and breaking the 500 mark twice: 513-396 against brother Thomas (playing MAYBIRD, TOTABLE, HAVERELS, and NUDNIKS) and 576-322 against Andy Bohnsack (finding ANDIRON, READIES, ERRATICS, and PETTABLE).  It should be noted that, in the writer's opinion, TOTABLE (and its alternating spelling, TOTEABLE) is the stupidest word in the entire Scrabble dictionary.  However, PETTABLE is totally reasonable, since any cat owner would know that pettability is one of the essential qualities of a cat.

(don't play PETTABILITY, that's phony obviously)

2nd Mark Kenas also had four wins, but his singular loss held him to second place on the evening.  His best win was a 453-418 victory over club-standings-runner-upper Thomas Reinke.  Some expert-level word-knowledge was flaunted in that game: Mark played TROPHIED, ENTICERS, and word of the week EREMURUS (N. a perennial herb, plural EREMURI or EREMURUSES) while Thomas got down the somewhat more common words NEONATE and PASSOVER.  Mark also unfairly got to play the two-V bingo EVINCIVE when he beat Gail Salm 410-353.

3rd Andy Bohnsack finished at 3-1 with an unfortunate -96 cume.  He had two three-bingo games that both ended up as wins: 469-381 against Peter Schmiedicke and 478-418 against esteemed director Richard Lauder.  Then the bingo well ran dry as he only got one bingo, GURNETS (alt. spelling of gurnard, a marine fish), in his spread-annihilating loss against Charles Reinke.

Sue Goldstein: "All I Do is Win"

1st Sue Goldstein made easy work of the intermediate group, finishing an undefeated 3-0 +197.  However, the evening was not stress-free: she barely pulled out a win against June Scott, 317-313. 

2nd Sharlie Miura went 1-1 -75, good for second in the intermediates.  She dispatched June Scott 311-279 before falling to Sue Goldstein.

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