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Richard Rules: Club Results 6/19

Its everyone has a shot night, with the top 4 players (Charles, Mark, Thomas, Andy) all absent.

For the experts:

Richard Lauder placed first finishing 4-1, +280, winning the first four straight until bumping into Lynda and almost taking her down as well. His high bame was 452 against Barb.

Mary Becker placed second finishing 4-1, -4. Its unusual to go 4-1 and still wind up with negative cume, but all of Mary's games were close, so that 74 point defeat that Richard handed her was enough to swallow her spread from her close games with Peter, Helen, Gail and Shayla.

Lynda Finn finished third with a 3-1, +62. Gail handed her her only loss which occurred just before the great diet pepsi spill of 2013. Lynda was bingo queen with 7 valid bonuses.

Helen played the only valid bingos containing the letter Y, ROYALIST and UNRHYMED. For this combo she is awarded word of the week honors. ROYALIST has an anagram. Can you find it?

For the intermediates:

Harwinder Dowd went 2-1 to top the field

Honorable mention to June Scott, Sharlie Mura and Aki Mura for 1-1.

Welcome to newcomer Rachel Connor who won a game in her first club outing which is an unusual accomplishment against our seasoned veterans. We hope she returns soon.


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