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Club Results 6/26

Charles Reinke Averages 522 a Game, Unsurprisingly Wins All of Them

1st Charles Reinke went 4-0 +833.  His lowest game for the night, 491, was higher than anybody else's high game.  His 13 bingos also easily coronated him as Bingo King, with words such as MAIDENLY, QUAGMIRE, and YAUPONS being the jewels in his crown.  Two of his games featured four bingos: his 550-322 against Betty Hasselkus and his 539-296 victory over a groggy, jetlagged, and Mountain-Dew-deprived Andy Bohnsack.

2nd Thomas Reinke, as the only player with three wins, attained second place in the experts with his 3-1 +112 record, despite a paltry (for him) five bingos.  Gail Salm beat Thomas for the second straight week, winning that round one matchup 437-404.  Thomas got down UREDINIA and MARTINS to Gail's JOUSTING and TENAILS.  He also played the word of the week, TOCCATA, when he beat an under-caffeinated Andy Bohnsack 460-418.  A toccata (plural TOCCATAS or TOCCATE) is a virtuosic composition usually for organ.

3rd Out of eight people with a 2-2 record, Peter Schmiedicke ended up at the top of the pile with his +72 cumulative.  He suffered a rare defeat at the hands of Helen Flores, 340-463, but regained most of that spread in a 475-272 demolition of Richard Lauder.  Peter got down GERMANE, MANORIAL, and DISSECT while Richard was able to play SNOBBISH.

Point Spread the Only Difference Between First and Last Place in Intermediates

1st Sue Goldstein went 2-2 +62, getting one bingo down (AMOUNTS) in her high game of the night, a 376-315 win against June Scott.

2nd June Scott went 2-2 with a predictable -62 spread.  She prevailed in a high-scoring 383-371 game against Sue Goldstein.

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