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Club Results 8/7

Thomas Reinke Dislikes Losing So Much That He Vows Not To Lose For an Entire Club Session

1st Thomas Reinke averaged 495 points per game while enjoying an undefeated 4-0 +528.  Only visting Racinean Bill Rexhausen was able to slow him down even the slightest; that matchup ended 541-481 in Thomas' favor.  A 149-point 3x3 CROSSEST was a key cog in the machinery of Thomas' dominance.  Bill's losing score of 481 is currently tied for highest losing score of the season, with Peter Schmiedicke having also lost with that score back in December.  Their combined score of 1022 is also the first 1000-total-point game this season after having four such games the previous season.  Not content with just one 500 game, Thomas derived great pleasure from curb-stomping his brother Charles 534-361, playing CROSTINI, FEASIBLY, GRUESOME, and NITRATED.

2nd Bill Rexhausen went 3-1 +474, an impressive feat made more impressive by the fact that he averaged an obscene 518 points per contest.  Joining the list of obscene acts is his 616-337 whupping of Peter Schmedicke.  That score of 616 is the fourth highest game played this season (of seven total 600+ games).  In addition to the bingos EPIGONE and VERNIXES, Bill scored 120 points for the word ZEBRASS (the offspring of a zebra and an ass...kind of like a liger or a tigon) and 140 for the triple-triple GARMENTS.  Rounding out the list of accolades, Bill also got word of the week for his play of SEECATCH against Richard Lauder.  A SEECATCH is "an adult male fur seal" and it pluralizes SEECATCHIE.  This confirms what we all suspected, that Bill was an Eskimo in a previous life.

3rd Charles Reinke failed to live up to the hype of the two players who finished ahead of him, ending the night at 3-1 with a lowly +74 cumulative.  In his defeat of Helen Flores, 489-355, he got down three bingos: NAVETTES (N. a gem cut in a pointed oval form), EXPANDER, and POINTES.  Helen got down the word HOODIEST (Adj. resembling a hoodlum) and, by way of consolation, walked away with the high H prize.  Charles also took down a chronically sleep-deprived and diaper-traumatized Michael David, 419-355.

We should also acknowledge the two nine-letter words played in the session - Michael David's QUAGGIEST and Helen Flores' ENSHEATHE, both winners of the "Awesome, But Not Quite Awesome Enough Words of the Week" award.  Trophies are in the mail and should arrive soon.

Matt Rust Shakes Off the Rust...Get it, "Rust"?  Sorry, Bad Pun

1st Matt Rust, returning for the second straight week after a yearlong absence, got back into his groove with a 3-1 +11 final record.  His cume was at an impressive +203 after three games, but his reward for such high-quality play was to meet expert Thomas Reinke in the final game.  His big win was a 368-240 encounter versus Sharlie Miura.  Matt played the bingo OUTPLACE (anagram COPULATE) to aid his cause.

2nd Harwinder Dowd went 2-1 -8 and is still comfortably leading the intermediates for the year.  She reduced Sue Goldstein to (metaphorical) tears when she played the bingo SOBBING en route to a 345-318 victory.

3rd Aki Miura finished at 1-1 -7, playing two very close games: a frustratingly low-scoring 284-296 against Harwinder Dowd and a better-scoring 324-319 against June Scott.

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