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Club Results 8/21

Thomas Reinke's Free "Scrabble Clinic" Provides the Needy With Complimentary Butt-Kickings

1st Thomas Reinke topped a group of five players who all went 3-1, thanks to his humongous +647 spread.  Bill Rexhausen was a generous donator to the cause, as Thomas walloped him 642-319.  Thomas had three bingos in a row: VAMOOSE, DOOLEES, and the triple-triple RUNAWAYS.  642 is the third-highest game score in the past two club seasons, with the two higher scores also belonging to Thomas.  However, the evening was not perfect for Thomas, as his fifteen-game win streak, built of vanquished foes upon a foundation of their unplayable bingos, finally came crashing down.

2nd Steve Hartsman made the long trek from Milwaukee to join us, and his effort was not wasted, as he went 3-1 +246.  In a primal display of territorialism, he took down club-leader Charles Reinke 448-329, playing KNITTING, AUGITES, and BLOUSED as his bingos.  Mary Becker proved to be the only player capable of besting the bearded behemoth, defeating Steve to the tune of 427-355 with the aid of bingos SESTINA and LEASINGS (to Steve's sole LOAMIER).

3rd Andy Bohnsack finished 3-1 +188, but more importantly, he was also the one to bring Thomas' fifteen-game winning streak to an end.  That game ended with a score of 444-384 and Andy strutting away proudly with a five-dollar bill clutched in his hand.  In that very same game, Andy played the word of the week, GALILEES.  A galilee is a type of porch found on some churches.  Unofficial "Phony of the Week" honors also go to Mr. B, who played the only phony bingo of the night, PALEATES, in a 377-463 losing effort against Michael "Mr. D" David.

June Scott Also Has A Scrabble Clinic That Also Provides Butt-Kickings

1st June Scott averaged a robust 359 points per game, a full sixty above her average, on the way to 2-1 +117 and first place in the Intermediates.  June played bingos in each of her wins: SHARING while beating Aki Miura 374-308, and SETTLER in a 384-312 victory versus Sue Goldstein.

2nd Sue Goldstein finished 2-1 +3, holding both Miuras under 300 points before the defense fell apart against June Scott.

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