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Club Results 10/16

Charles Reinke: "You Win Some, You Lose Some.  Unless You're Me."

1st Charles Reinke found the sensation of loss to be distasteful, so he smartly didn't lose any games, going 4-0 +509.  Showcasing his occasionally-employed defensive prowess, he held his opponents to a stifling 335 point-per-game average.  Peter Schmiedicke bore the brunt of Charles' wrath, losing 354-519 despite an equal two bingos each (SINUATED and SAURIES for Peter, PUNNERS and AVENTAIL for Charles). 

2nd Lynda "Bringer of Cookies" Finn averaged a knee-quaking 428 points per game, an impressive amount that doubtlessly enabled her to go 3-1 +300.  Over two bingos a game also didn't hurt.  Her high game of the night was a 484-311 match against Helen Flores;   Lynda's formula for victory in that one was to bingo often while simulatenously not allowing her opponent to bingo.  EXPANSE, PRINTED, and ERASING each donated fifty bonus points to her point total, making one wonder: why can't I just bingo every turn?  Only Charles Reinke was able to halt the cookie-provider, defeating her 424-356.  Again, two bingos were played by each contestant: INTERNE (later extended to INTERNEE) and MISRAISE on the Lynda side of the board, and SCUTAGE and ENSURER on the Charles side.

3rd Thomas Reinke overcame a back-alley beating at the hands of Richard Lauder, 318-523, to go 3-1 +86.  Richard played EVERTORS, SORDINI, OVENBIRD, and STARTING to easily take down the sprier and more agile Thomas.  Such unfortunate circumstance would not befall Thomas for the rest of the night; on the contrary, he enjoyed often the succulent delights of the tile bag, playing seven bingos in his final three games.  The closest of those victories was a 447-394 defeat of Andy Bohnsack.  Andy may have been able to make the game closer, but alas, he was preoccupied with whether his fantasy basketball players would suck or not.  In what seems to be a recurring theme, both players bingoed twice: Andy played COMELIER and VIBRANT while Thomas played ECOCIDAL and PLATINAS. 

Richard Lauder, while not placing in the top three, smirks dismissively at the miniscule bingo totals of the above players, as he himself played twelve bingos over the course of four games.  Both of his wins were with scores over 500.  Not all was rosy: Richard Lauder is awarded the newly-minted "Diadem of Shame" for playing the only phony of the night, WETTENS.  This diadem will clash horribly with his Bingo King crown.

Sue Goldstein Wins Two of Four; Nothing Else to Say, Really

1st Sue Goldstein had a 2-2 -36 final record, eschewing the concept of "bingoing" and instead going for the tried-and-true "just score points, stupid" method.  She took down June Scott 337-282 for one of her hard-fought wins.

2nd Aki Miura finished 1-1 +31 as the only intermediate player with a positive spread.  Thanks to their late arrival, Aki and Sharlie were forced to play each other, the first time they have faced off at club in several years.  Aki took the win, 303-256.

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