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Club Results 10/23

Andy Bohnsack Knows Not the Concept of Mercy

1st Andy Bohnsack wisely skipped the first game of the World Series in order to dominate the expert division, finishing 4-0 +557.  Dismissing wholesale the concepts of lenience, pity, and mercy, Andy averaged 482 points per game.  Asa Miura bore the brunt of Andy's punishment, with Andy winning 574-306.  Valiantly, Asa played the bingo ALIENATE, but was overcome by the bingo onslaught from the other side of the board: GRANDAME, BANTENGS (n. banteng, a wild ox), RATLINS, and ADORNING.  Andy's lowest game was still a big win: 415-259 vs. Peter Schmiedicke. 

2nd Lynda Finn averaged a not-too-shabby 473 points per contest while going 3-1 +331.  She trounced fellow east-sider Shayla Dunn 503-328 while only playing one bingo, RAILINGS.  Shayla played the Word of the Week, MENINGES (n. meninx, a membrane enclosing the brain and spinal cord), in that same game, so even though she lost, she still kinda won...right?  While we're on the subject of losing, Lynda's only loss was 467-472 against Andy Bohnsack, which prompts the question: just how many points are necessary to beat Andy, anyway?  A total of six bingos were played in that game: Lynda played EPIGONE, GOURAMI, and REVOLTS, while Andy played STEADIES, STURDIER, and INHAULER. 

3rd Bryan Benwitz ended up at 3-1 +282, but more importantly, he beat both Reinke twins.  If losing to both of them means you got reinked, that must mean that Bryan got anti-reinked.  Unintimidated, he took down Thomas Reinke 431-354 with the aid of his bingo TOLUIDS, then coolly exacted the same fate upon Charles Reinke, winning 454-365.  The bingo list from the latter game was somewhat more impressive: FIERIER, ETAGERES (n. etagere, and ornamental stand), and almost-but-not-quite-bingo-of-the-week CRONYISM.  Predictably, his one loss was against the unstoppable Andy Bohnsack, 468-350.

June Scott Asserts Dominance Over Intermediates

1st June Scott went 2-1 +81.  Agonizingly close to a 100-point win, she beat Sharlie Miura by just 99, 344-245.  Asa Miura then defended his mother's honor by defeating June 454-256 with three bingos: FATHERS, CLINGING, and the excellent (although phony) find of NATTERERS.  It should be a word!

2nd Harwinder Dowd went 1-1 +19, losing a close game againt June Scott 303-311 (June's GIRLIER making the difference) before defeating Asa Miura 329-302.

3rd Sharlie Miura finished at 1-1 -86.  For the second straight week, she was made to play Aki in the first game, but unlike last week, she won, 337-324.

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