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Club Results 10/30

Charles Reinke Manipulates Letter Tiles in an Expert Fashion, Besting Other Tile-Manipulators

1st Charles Reinke won all four of his games with a +318 spread.  To put that in perspective, in baseball, four wins in a row would win the World Series, and a 318-run differential over four games is unheard of.  Can somebody explain to me again why Scrabble players aren't multi-millionaires?  Charles' big win came against his brother, Thomas, 464-398.  The lesser (for now) twin had REMINTED and EOLITHS (n. eolith, a prehistoric stone tool), while Charles had PEREONS as well as the triple-triple RESORBED.  This win now deadlocks the lifetime matchup at 34 wins apiece, with both twins averaging 425 points.  As it is the Halloween season, feel free to put on some spooky music in recognition of this eerie occurance.

2nd Thomas Reinke averaged 473 points per game while going 3-1 +423.  He had two-three bingo, 500-point games in rounds three and four, which does not bode well for whoever has to play him first next week, as that streak will almost surely continue.  Lynda Finn took a 508-266 beating (with Thomas playing ILMENITE, AIRBORNE, and POUNDER), while Peter Schmiedicke was smashed to the tune of 518-370 (CONNOTES, MIGHTIER, BRAVING). 

3rd Lynda Finn finished at 3-2 +82.  She brought some kind of chocolatey cakey thingy (note from Lynda: it was a BABKA, which has a valid anagram) for all to enjoy, but clearly her motive was to appease the opponents she so unmercifully pummeled.  While dispatching Helen Flores 462-365, she played the nice Q word QUINONES as well as the Word of the Week, SPOOKIER.  No word could have been more appropriate!  Helen played GRIDIRON (also relevant to this time of year) and TWANGERS. Her highest game and biggest win was versus Mary Becker, 466-288, where the common -EST suffix was used to great effect: MEANEST and RISKIEST were Lynda's bingos in that game.

Harwinder Dowd Back To Her Winning Ways

1st Harwinder Dowd went 2-0 +104, defeating twice the only other intermediate present, June Scott.  The first game ended with no plays available on the board, but the second game was a little more free-flowing, with Harwinder prevailing 362-285 thanks to her find of TEASING.

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