Club Results 11/6

Thomas Reinke On Top...Again!

1st Thomas Reinke suffered through lower scores than he is accustomed to, averaging only 412 on the night, but still finished with a perfect 4-0 +172.  Always the picture of consistency, Thomas' high game was a middling 422, and his low game was a sparkling 391.  In his high-powered matchup against Andy Bohnsack, Thomas prevailed 418-370 thanks to his bingos of DESERVE and TONTINE.  Andy played the odd-looking but very useful ENDOSTEA (n. endosteum, a bone membrane) in his attempt to unseat the club's second-place player.

2nd Peter Schmiedicke began the process of working his way back up the yearly standings, going 3-1 +322.  The highlight of his night was demolishing Charles Reinke 512-308, outbingoing him four to nothing in the process: REBUFFED, STROYED, INVOICE, and AERATES.  He also had a three-bingo game against Matt Rust, but that one turned out a lot closer, with the final score being 442-412 in favor of Peter.  Matt got down REVALUED; Peter played QUINOLS, SHEENIE, and FINGERS.

3rd Charles Reinke also went 3-1, but his depressing spread of -1 relegated him to third place.  The cause of that lowly spread total can be found in the above paragraph.  Charles did manage to gain back some of that spread in a 473-352 win versus Betty Hasselkus.  Betty struck first with UNCOILS, but was held bingoless after that point as Charles played QUAVERER and STARING. 

Andy Bohnsack gets a mention here as he achieved the coveted five-bingo game against Helen Flores.  He played SAMOYED (anagram SOMEDAY), TOLIDINE, INDORSEE, SENARII, and TREELAWN.  561, Andy's final score, was the highest game score of the session.

Sue Goldstein Bulldozes Intermediates

1st Sue Goldstein, always working for that elusive ten-game winning streak, got a good start with her 3-0 +191 record.  Sharlie Miura tried valiantly to nip the streak in the bud, but fell to the Sue-inator 364-292.

2nd Harwinder Dowd went 2-1 +123, with a convincing victory against Matt Rust, 364-305, being her best game of the night.  She got down two bingos in that one, ASSAULT and RANGERS.

3rd Matt Rust, sometimes expert and sometimes intermediate, finished at 2-2 +133.  He showed off his "expert" side by walloping June Scott 370-284, a game which included his find of ROUTERS.

Word of the Week as ULTRAISM, played by Richard Lauder.  it anagrams to ALTRUISM and MURALIST, the latter of which would have been a very appropriate bingo in the same way that a Reinke playing TWINSET would be appropiate.

We welcomed new player Dave Gilligan.  He didn't manage to win a game, but he did put up a good fight, and played two bingos: EARLIEST and ALIENED.

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