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Club Results 11/20

Andy Bohnsack Has Won Nine in a Row - But No Pressure To Whoever Plays Him Next

1st Andy Bohnsack built on his 4-0 record last week by repeating the feat with a larger +432 spread.  Hopefully he loses soon, because the momentum he would build up by winning another four in a row would be impossible to stop, and we would probably have to disband the club.  Thomas Reinke was the only player to come close to ending this obscene winning streak, losing 401-402; Andy's other three opponents all lost by margins of more than 100.  Of the night's three 500-point games, two were Andy's: 527 against Barb Besadny and 521 against Peter Schmiedicke (including 176 points for SNOWLESS, an adjective we all hope will continue to describe the rest of November). 

2nd Charles Reinke went 4-1 +77, unusually low spread courtesy of Chris Vergeront, who applied a copious amount of hurt on him: 477-343 was the final score after the dust settled.  Chris played OESTRIN, POLICIES, and OUTPRICE while Charles played the lonely ENCOMIA (plural of ENCONIUM, a eulogy).  Mark Kenas made an appearance after a months-long absence, but Charles made sure that the welcome he received was not warm; the "C" twin prevailed 464-446.  That score of 446 was the highest losing score of the evening, and was the result of four bingos: RAMIFIED, LABORERS, CINERARY, and EGLATERE (n. a type of rose, also EGLANTINE).  Charles bingoed with TRUCKLED and, appropriately, MEANNESS.

3rd Peter Schmiedicke was the lone 3-1 finisher, contrary to last week, when we had four players finish at that record.  Andy Bohnsack and his triple-triple SNOWLESS were the only impediments to Peter's otherwise perfect evening.  Do not feel to sorry for Peter however, as he is no stranger to the delights of the triple-triple: his RELAPSES for 158 against Thomas Reinke also spanned two triple-word-scores.  No surprise, he won that game 433-397, also playing the word TOILERS in the process.  Thomas got down MINORCAS (n. MINORCA, apparently some type of chicken from what I can figure out from the trusty Google), but encyclopedic knowledge of various types of fowl can only get you so far in Scrabble.

Helen Flores played the word of the week, ANOREXY (same definition as ANOREXIA), which drew a challenge.  For the benefit of those who weren't with us this week, Helen has a new apple-shaped board which is certainly the most attractive board out of all of ours - sadly, it hasn't, as of yet, been as lucky as Helen would have hoped.

Dave Gilligan Asserts Dominance in Intermediates

1st Dave Gilligan went 1-1 -15 in a diminished intermediate group.  He notched the first 400-point game of his club career when he crushed Sue Goldstein 426-304.  His bingo of RECLINES only served to further his agenda of Scrabble domination.

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