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Club Results 11/27 - Thanksgiving Throwdown

"Bryaniac" Benwitz Gives Thanks for Steady Stream of Hapless Opponents

1st Bryan Benwitz celebrated Thanksgiving, not in the usual way by consuming a large amount of turkey and mashed potatoes, but by going 4-0 +306.  This impressive performance bumps him up to 4th place in the yearly standings.  His performance was made even more impressive by the fact that he beat three players who were ahead of him in the standings - Lynda Finn, Charles Reinke, and Thomas Reinke, the last of which Bryan beat 472-286.  Thomas got down CORELATE in his futile efforts to eclipse the 300 mark, while Bryan played ELOINING and YEASTIER.  Against the other twin, the score was a closer 425-403, with both players playing phonies: Bryan erred with GIVABLE (only GIVEABLE) and Charles played the totally fabricated word PREMATCH (which in Reinke's Unabridged Dictionary means "Adj. Preceding a match").

2nd Barb Besadny finished 3-0 +224, smartly forgoing the fourth game in order to guarantee her first undefeated evening since February.  Against Aki Miura, her winning score of 292 is her lowest winning score since 2011.  Similarly, her 196-point victory against Sharlie Miura (452-256, with a bingo of DEARIES) is her largest winning margin since 2011.  Rounding out her evening was a five-point win against Helen Flores, 361-356.

3rd Lynda Finn beat out Charles Reinke by 23 spread points to capture third at 3-1 +100.  Shayla Dunn was too preoccupied with thoughts of delicious green bean casserole to put up much of a fight, losing to Lynda 283-414.  DRESSILY and DESTINES were Lynda's bingos in that one, two of seven that she played over the course of the session.  As noted above, her loss was to Bryan Benwitz, 370-442, with a lonely SOLERET losing out to the tag-team of BANDORE and SKATING.

Word of the Week was OUTFABLE, played by Richard Lauder, who played three additional bingos in the same game: WINGLIKE, COURAGES, and ABSTAIN.  OUTFABLE is a verb meaning "to surpass in telling fictitious tales."


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