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Club Results 12/4

Charles Reinke Sits Atop Throne of Champions, Surveys Domain

1st Charles Reinke came in first with a 4-0 +354 performance, a performance that is (to the dismay of other club members) becoming commonplace for him.  The cherry on top was twice bingoing with two Us: USAUNCES (n. USAUNCE, same as usage) against Richard Lauder and VIRTUOUS against Chris Vergeront.  It certainly is not a coincidence that those two games were Charles' highest-scoring of the evening.  Now for your twin-vs-twin recap: Charles Reinke has extended his winning streak against Thomas to seven games after a razor-thin 390-387 win.  Thomas played TACTIONS, but the scoring value of that play was overwhelmed by Charles' OLEANDER and MAESTRI (plural of MAESTRO).

2nd Peter Schmiedicke took second with his 4-1 +157 record.  He beat longtime nemesis Thomas Reinke 387-355: Peter, in addition to holding Thomas to zero bingos, played REDFINS (n. REDFIN, a type of fish) and JUTTERS as his own bingos.  This win gets him one step closer to evening up the series, which currently stands at 4 wins for Peter and 33 for Thomas.  Chris Vergeront proved to be the only person capable of stopping, at least temporarily, Peter's winning ways: after much tile-slinging, the final score was 449-387 in Chris' favor.

3rd Chris Vergeront went 3-1 +35, easily snagging third place.  The sole blemish on his scoresheet was a result of Charles Reinke's 478-331 win; subtracting that anomaly, Chris had a perfect night.  For the first time in a year and a half, Chris' matchup with Lynda Finn did not result in a loss: his score of 456 speaks for itself, as do his bingos of RETHINKS, GAITERS, and CARLINE (n. a beam supporting a ship's deck).  MERLOTS was Lynda's contribution to the bingo party on that board.

Andy Bohnsack played the word of the week, LAYAWAYS.  While a relatively common word, how often does one get to bingo with three A's and two Y's?  Not very often, unless you want to play TACHYARRHYTHMIA. 

Sue Goldstein's "Never Lose Again" Plan Proceeds Apace

1st Sue Goldstein joined Charles in the ranks of the undefeated, going 3-0 +168.  She beat each of the other present intermediates without the aid of a bingo.  Aki Miura came closest to defeating her, with Sue finally prevailing 339-317.

2nd June Scott went 2-1 -41, with the spread she gained beating each of the Miuras not being enough to withstand the unholy force of Sue Goldstein, who beat her 358-282.

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