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Club Results 12/18

Richard Lauder Proves You Don't Need to Have the Last Name "Reinke" to Win 10 Straight

1st Richard Lauder utilized the his deceptively friendly-looking face to comfort and reassure his four opponents, before pummeling them all mercilessly en route to four wins and a +273 spread.  This latest night of debauchery puts his win streak at eleven, meaning the next person to beat him will win a sweet five dollars.  Such is the extent of Richard's domination that it is unlikely anybody will be able to beat him for the rest of the year!  Bryan Benwitz did manage to give Richard a scare, with Richard pulling it out 441-434.  Bryan's three bingos of ADAPTERS, DETAINS, and OVERNEAT were all for naught, as Richard's UNSTEELS and ALLODIAL (word of the week, pertaining to ALLODIA, a form of medieval land ownership) ensured the veteran's victory.  Richard's highest scoring game came against Charles Reinke, 474-389, this time with Richard getting three bingos: LANGRELS (n. LANGREL, a collection of scrap metal used to tear sails in naval warfare), NEEDILY, and BUSTLING.

2nd Thomas Reinke used his highly-advanced word knowledge to plop down twelve bingos on his way to 3-1 +524.  Most of that impressive spread total came in a pair of 250-point wins.  The first was a 542-289 win versus Barb Besadny; Barb played SPITTERS, but was overwhelmed by four bingos from her opponent: SANITIZE, CRAWFISH, NEBULAE, and LEALTIES.  Thomas' twisted mind, however, did not find solace in a mere four bingos: he wanted more!  Thus, he played five of them in a 568-304 win against Susan Vergeront: SANIDINE (n. a type of feldspar), DEVEINS, ROISTER, COUPLERS, and TUNICAE.  Susan played RADIATOR to minimize the damage.

3rd Charles Reinke had an identical record to his brother, but his inferior +266 spread slotted him one spot lower in the standings.  However, he did beat his brother 481-425, so he can take some comfort in that thought.  Uncommonly for the twins, all the bingos in their game were somewhat pedestrian: GREISENS and GENITOR for the victor, MALTIEST and DENOTING for the loser.  Charles pulled out the big guns in a drubbing of Bryan Benwitz 564-314.  The biggest gun of them all was a 140-point triple-triple AGENESIS, but a 90-point FLEXIONS certainly didn't hurt.  Bryan played REPTILE, the final E of which was the fatal ingredient for his opponent's triple-triple. 

Speaking of triple-triples, a new prize will be going into effect at the beginning of the new year: $4 for any play that hits two triple-word-scores.  So, in addition to scoring a ton of points, you'll also score a ton of money!

Sue Goldstein Uses Sedation Power of Her Cookies to Overwhelm Her Opponents

1st Sue Goldstein went 2-1 +cookies to take first in the intermediates.  Her marquee game came against Aki Miura, whom she beat 402-293 for her highest score this year!  Her sole bingo on the night, COASTER, predictably came in that game.

2nd June Scott's 2-1 +109 was impressive, but even more impressive was the average of 262 that she allowed against her.  She racked up her highest winning margin so far this year when she stifled Sharlie Miura, 350-208.

Special Childbirth Announcement

Club member Renato Umali is the proud owner father of a brand new baby boy!  He was brought into the world, red-faced and screaming, on the evening of Dec. 16.  His name is Bruno Reynard Umali.  REYNARD is a valid word, and means "a fox".  Both "Bruno" and "Umali" have valid anagrams, but you'll have to figure out the answers on your own.  Congratulations to Renato and wife Sarah!

We figure that this will lower even further Renato's chances of making it to club any time soon.

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