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Club Results 9/21

1st Thomas Reinke ran his current winning streak to 8 straight, after he narrowly escaped in his first game of the night with a 430-425 win vs. Lynda Finn. His ten bingoes tied him with Richard Lauder for the nights “Bingo King” honors as well.

2nd Andy Bohnsack finished in 2nd on a 4-1 +148 performance. Andy also had his hands full when he managed a scant 16 point win (426-410) against Shayla Dunn. Andy had only a single bingo (ROOFERS) in that close calling.

3rd Lynda Finn finished 3rd with a 3-1 +371. Lynda’s quest for a “400 average” in the stats is off to a good start as she carries a 432 average into her third week in year 27. Lynda’s big game this week was her 444-245 two bingo win (SUBDEAN, NOSTRIL) vs. newly returned expert Geri Holmes.

1st Sue Goldstein lost to an always dangerous Gail Salm 336-380 but won all her other three games to finish atop the Intermediates at 3-1 +36. Sue will miss this coming week but will join us again on October 5th.

2nd Gail Salm took second at 3-1 +32. Gail encountered expert Thomas Reinke in her final game and found herself on the short end of the straws with her 296-448 game. It was the only game she was unable to play at least one bingo in.

3rd Dee Lillge ended the night at 2-2 -124, enough to garner 3rd place in her group. She won a very close second game 283-265 with Aki Miura, a game in which Dee had bingo rack after bingo rack, but against Aki she never had a chance to see one of her “none-goes” hit the board.

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