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Club Results 2/26

Peter Schmiedicke Rules Benevolently, Yet Sternly

1st Peter Schmiedicke finished a perfect 4-0 +287 and has now won 11 of his last 12 games.  He started his night off strong with a 496-332 victory against Betty Hasselkus, much of his sizable scoring total coming from his triple-triple of ARMAMENT for 140 points (there's probably a military-related pun in there, but I'm not seeing it).  Andy Bohnsack was also served an unwelcome taste of Peter's unique brand of justice, losing 367-388 despite an even two bingos apiece: IDOLIZER and TIMEOUS for Andy, URINARY and UNEASES for Peter.

2nd Thomas Reinke finished a not-so-perfect (but still pretty good) 3-1 +386.  Only Peter Schmiedicke found the strength within to beat the behemoth, winning 422-331 and holding Thomas bingoless.  Other than that, Thomas had an excellent night, winning his other three games by some ridiculous margins: 136, 158, and 183.  The largest was against Helen Flores, whom Thomas beat 490-307 with a trio of bingos: AVERTED, VEDALIA, and CULTRATE (adj. sharp-edged and pointed).

3rd Bryan Benwitz won three close games to end up at 3-1 +108.  The checkmark marking his singular loss was courtesy of Peter Schmiedicke, which shouldn't come as a surprise if you read the above two paragraphs.  That game ended 343-354, with Peter pulling out the win despite getting outbingoed 0 to 2 (Bryan had AZOTISE [v. to treat with nitrogen] and CONIFERS).  He took down club-leader Charles Reinke the game previous, 410-373, using words like LEALTIES and UNBOXING to establish a lead that was barely dented by Charles' SERIFED (adj. having serifs).

Speaking of Charles, he played the bingo of the week, NONOILY, which has a creative definition: "not oily".  Thanks to some internet research, this word seems to be used most often in reference to lotions or moisturizers, but is almost always spelled with a hyphen.  Other stupid NON- words include NONLEAFY, NONFATTY, NONCOLA, NONPAGAN and NONMETRO.

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