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Club Results 3/12

Thomas Reinke Gaining Ground in Club Standings, Much to the Dismay of a Certain Player Who Does the Write-Ups

1st Thomas Reinke's 4-0 +686 record was far-and-away the best performance of the night, given that he was also Bingo King, as well as possessor of the highest average (493).  His first three wins were all blowouts of a grandiose scale, with only his brother Charles managing to put up much of a fight.  That game ended 406-388 in Thomas' favor, with three bingos for the winner (ANDESITE [n. a volcanic rock], SNARLING, and TALIPEDS) and two for the loser (DACITES [n. DACITE, a light gray rock] and ABREACTS).  His highest game (and the highest game score for the whole evening) was against Lynda Finn, 556-318.  AERATION was Lynda's attempt to stay in the game, but her effort was effortlessly overcome by Thomas' three bingos: INSECTS, DELIRIA, and the triple-triple EARNINGS.  In the one game where Thomas was outbingoed, he still won by almost 200 points, which just shows you what kind of night he was having.

2nd Bryan Benwitz had a 3-1 +1 record, identical to that of Peter Schmiedicke's.  Luckily, they did play each other, with Bryan winning the tiebreaker by bingoing out with a triple-triple ORIGINAL.  The final score ended up being 515-404, with Bryan getting an additional two bingos (BUILDERS the 9-letter DREARIEST) and Peter responding with three bingos of his own (GARPIKE, PARTITE [adj. divided into parts], and INDENTS).  Continuing the trend of high-scoring games, he took down Betty Hasselkus 451-425, resulting in Betty's highest losing score ever!  She had two bingos, MEASLIER and JINGLES, but again, Bryan was one with the tiles and played three bingos: RIVULETS, ACETOSE, and the phony ROTUNDER.

3rd Peter Shmiedicke, as mentioned, went 3-1 +1, not putting up the insane scores of the two above players, but continuing his run of solid play.  He has now won 25 of his last 30 games and has overtaken Andy Bohnsack for third place in the club standings.  In a portent of things to come, he took down Andy 391-367, a relatively low-scoring game that featured only two bingos: Andy's TEARING and Peter's SADIRONS.  In a more typical bingo-happy contest, he defeated Chris Vergeront 422-404, using NITRILES and EASIEST to overcome Chris' REEDITS, GRANULAR, and REFUTALS.

Sue Goldstein Trounces Opponents Without Regard For Their Feelings

1st Sue Goldstein held her opponents to a lowly 301 points per game while averaging 375 for herself.  Thus, her 3-0 +223 record should come as no surprise.  Helen Flores was just one of her many victims, losing 308-340 and playing the phony bingo UNEASING to counteract Sue's perfectly valid BROWNING.

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