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Club Results 3/26

No Score Too High For Charles Reinke

1st Charles Reinke ended with a 4-0 +592 record for his first undefeated night in two months.  Almost half of that spread came in a single game, when he heartlessly defeated newcomer Jonathan Lindh 568-293.  Four bingos served as Jon's welcoming party: REINSMEN, SIMONIAC (N. one who practices simony, the definition of which is too complicated to describe here), FLIRTERS, and LOMENTA.  That's what we in Madison call good ol' midwestern hospitality. Bryan Benwitz was the only of Charles' opponents who gave him a scare; the final ended up 431-398 in Charles' favor despite Bryan's two bingos (WIRETAP, GELATED (v. GELATE, to become gel) to Charles' one (SOVRANS).

2nd Thomas Reinke enjoyed a 3-1 +596 final record to place second.  He got things off to a good start by crushing Helen Flores 540-297 and playing four bingos: READDING, EVERTING, STEERER, and OUTLETS.  Thomas then followed that up with another 540-point game, beating Susan Vergeront 541-294, this time with only three bingos (word of the week BIRDBATH, REFUSAL, and SAILORS).  Alas, no good thing lasts forever, and Thomas' streak of 500-point games was ended at two.  His loss came against archfoe Charles Reinke (no relation), who applied copious amounts of hurt on his non-relative, 436-295.  Maybe the pain of this sub-300 game will allow Thomas to have more compassion for his opponents in the future.

3rd Lynda Finn finn-ished at 3-1 +206 (that joke never gets old!) and averaged an impressive 432 per game, well above her year's average of 394.  Chris Vergeront was just one of her three victims; he was found in an alleyway behind the church mumbling something about "bingos" and "tiles".  A 352-478 loss will do that to a guy.  Lynda also reached deep into the tile bag to unleash three bingos (EARINGS, LOVAGES, and REDLINED) against an unsuspecting Dave Gilligan, who fell 327-489.

As noted earlier, the club welcomed newbie Jonathan Lindh from the Milwaukee Club.  He went 2-2 and averaged 377 points per game; pretty good for a Milwaukeean!  He showed that he meant business when he pummelled Betty Hasselkus 531-288, using four bingos to effortlessly overcome Betty's scoring efforts: OXIDISE, GENERATE, SATIRES, and the phony PIGHEAD (PIGBOAT and PIGWEED are good, among others).

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