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Club Results 4/2

Thomas "Mr. 500" Reinke Brings Down the Hammer

1st Thomas Reinke averaged 501 points per contest as he strolled to a 4-0 +610 record.  Three of his games were above the 500-point threshhold, with the highest being a 571-290 match vs. Barb Besadny.  His four bingos (DETAILER, ROQUETS, EPINAOS, and DENUDATE) seem like a lot, but apparently this sort of output is normal for Thomas, as he again played four bingos while beating Mark Kenas 500-389.  The bingos in that game were NATIVELY, RIGADOON (n. a lively dance), FOLIATE, and AMPERAGE for Thomas; Mark got UNSOCIAL and REINFUSE.  The third of his 500-point scores came against Lynda Finn, who fell 391-548 despite her three bingos of LINEATE, BASTION, and ENFRAME.  The culprit?  Thomas' 167-point triple-triple ANEMONES. 

2nd Charles Reinke finished at 3-1 +477.  After bearing witness to his brother easily playing four bingos in a game, Charles figured he would do the same, unloading four bonus plays against Dave Gilligan to cruise to a 513-289 win.  Those four bingos were ROGATION, PLUNDERS, FATTENS, and AIRTIME; however, they were all overshadowed by Dave's creative extension of ROGATION to PROROGATION.  Sadly, Dave's creativity only netted him 28 points, once again highlighting the need to institute a "style points" system in Scrabble.  Charles followed up that win with another spread-boosting victory over Chris Vergeront, 569-337.  Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and Charles lost to his brother by a lower-than-usual score of 322-383.  Both bingos in that game where Thomas': NUANCES and LATERAD (adj. toward the side).

3rd Mark Kenas came back from an extended trip to Mexico without having lost a step, going 3-1 +428.  Like Thomas, Mark had three games over 500; how appropriate, then, that Thomas was the one to beat him!  Bryan Benwitz was a mere spectator in a game that featured four bingos for Mark, with the final score being a lopsided 509-328.  Bryan played OUTDATES, a valiant but inadequate stand against Mark's BREWAGE, TRAILERS, SEDILIA, and OUTRACED.  Peter Schmiedicke put up a marginally better score, playing the words NONRATED and AMORTISE, but also succumbed to the terror of the overalled giant, 383-516. Even Susan Vergeront, who played the triple-triple RESTARTS, could only score 297 against Mark's might.


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